Help! Museum needs urgent assistance

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Cardinal, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. If your currently at Blandford and can help identify our stock of PTARMIGAN please call me on 2697
    I need to get a list together by end of play Friday 18 Feb

    Thannks in advance
  2. Job pretty much jobbed but can anyone confirm what this is?

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  3. What's up, Cardinal. Has the roll out of Falcon stalled, so HQLF (CBM) are recalling your slice of Ptarmigan to plug the capability gap?!
  4. Found a TARIF storage drum as well, thinking of getting BRUIN back together.
  5. Crikey, you'll be telling me they are issuing out the old Austin K-9 next! If they need a driver, I have the licence and have just about retired from the regulars!!
  6. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Cardinal, PM Sent
  7. Wasn't a RR Op, but looks pretty much like something that used to be called a BERT monitor or something like that (am probably very, very wrong) Used to check/monitor link quality.
  8. I think JT might be onto something. I was thinking Trifid Bit Error Rate monitor, but its been a while since i was in the back of a relay wagon!!
  9. It doesn't look like part of a TACE from a Triffid, so it could be from a sat det, a Pipistrelle in a green box or from a Euromux RR. On the other hand it could be one of the few production boxes built by DPA to replace the TRC 481 sat buffer conversion.

    Dodgy ground here and betraying my ignorance.
  10. Think greenbaggyskin is pretty much on the money. Had it confirmed from other sources that it is a PSIE (Ptarmigan Satellite Interface Equipment) and was produced as part of the Satcom/Reboil project and one was scaled for each VSC/501.

    So there you go!

    Still think they should resurrect BRUIN, we had beer tents when we went on exercise with that.
  11. IIRC the satcom adaptors were marked with red paint around the HF Quad socket (weren't they bodged SHF radios?). If that's the case, then perhaps this is a later, production, version of the same beast. I used the SHF modded box both on VSC501 and on a TSC85-B for my sins.
  12. Yep, a £23,000 TRC-481 fitted with a bodge mod card to interface the sat data stream (no, I don't remember the IEEE/shit standards) but I was your first repair Blandford. For a Cat 5 item the were dissapointing, I had one back from Gulf 1 and it pissed 2 pints of water all over me when I cracked it open...expected sand.
  13. Ahhhh BRUIN.... lugging 6 channel registers out of the secure wing at sh!t o'clock on an active edge... sitting in a six channel with nothing but a kettle, a toastie maker and an intercom for company... waiting for the call from Tech con for a loop... or the highlight of the day... register card change!

    Course... laying all the 10 pairs over the roofs of a dozen or so box body 4 tonners on a frosty night after a week of crash moves could be interesting as well.... and god help you if you were on the ground having pissed someone off... the accidently dropped 10 pair connecter packs a punch!

    Nearly died recently when I visited the museum and there was a 6 channel all set up in it's glory... I must be gettting old... **engages warp factor 3 on the motability trolley**
  14. Aaah. the ten pairs thrown from truck to truck and the REME bitching about the need for new windscreens on these new fangled widescreen MK's on the RL,s we only broke one at a time.
  15. When they brough the MK's with roof plates in we started using them as a short cut... jumping from roof to cab. One endex pack up I thought I'd be clever and jump in the other direection... catching roofline at my waist... forgot the rear doors wer open... feet left a muddy mark 3 feet inside the comprtment on the ceiling as I landed with a very deep squelch in 6 inchs of exercise mud... still... that was preferable to the stairs that were still attached!

    Felt like a right plonker!