Help, Mong/Chav TV


I'm winding up a mental home, escapee at the mo. Unfortunately, I don't know how to broadcast this to let you all see this.
I've got 4 camera's up and thats now coming to this PC, I know how to get the PC talking to the router but how do I get the TV card to start streaming..... Its an Haupagge Card Win TV HVR 1100

It will be fun to see the mong in action

MongVision needs help (I've tried forums)


War Hero

That has built in streaming stuff, remember to wang the IP up here for us all to enjoy :) failing that record it and post on youtube :)


macattack said:
Polar - is this a home movie???

"At Home with Polar"

I wish it wasn't, had many of my neighbours on the back steps listening to this mong. Apparently I'm a pervert, which seeing as one camera is pointing at some brussel sprouts, I'm obviously quite a kinky one :cyclopsani:

p.s. The mad women is the cause of much crime in the area, me being a perve explains why people are putting up security measures against her.