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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Rhino_Stopper, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone recall one of the Sunday glossies (Times/ Telegraph) that took a number of pictures in Iraq of (i think) Officers and their current dress 'regs' when deployed ? - I seem to recall it was quite good....

    Think it was maybe a year or 2 ago so apologies if I have missed a post hear..

    Any steers would be appreciated.
  2. Noone remember ?
  3. Ive read so many times magazines from saturdays featuring soldiers that I cant remember which one is which.
  4. R-S

    It was the Sunday Times. Offrs in questions were, I think, QRH. They were all 2Lts/Lts and I am pretty sure it was in 2006.

    From what I remember it was quite a good article.

  5. Thanks very much !
  6. Anyone confirm it was QRH and have a copy ? Or scans ?
  7. Definitely KRH, read a copy in the quacks surgery last week.
  8. pretty cheeky i know but If you go back - would you mind grabbing it ? or finding out exact date so i can order it...
  9. Some time on TELIC 8 i believe....
  10. thanks. Do we know date of publication so I could try and order ? The Times help desk are pretty rubbish !
  11. It was the KRH, A Sqn. The article was in the Sunday Times at the end of June last year (just before the start of Med Man 3).
  12. Awesome ! Thank you !