Help - Medical !!!

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Gents, Ladies I need your help, enough is enough now and I need advise to put my mind at rest...

I have put my application through for a Reg Officer in the army and it states I have to have a medical check one of the basis is a dental check...

ive been up now for the past 3 nights not being able to sleep stressing I wont pass.

I’m 23 and have 4 ish really bad lower teeth where my gums have receded and the teeth look black ish. I’m going to the dentist as soon as this pandemic is over and haven’t been 4-5 years.

What’s the likely hood of me failing? Will I be declared unfit? My teeth aren’t hurting at all and don’t cause me any pain.

my fitness is on point but I don’t want this to stop me getting in.

No stupid comments, would be good if someone has passed with a similar issue :)

cheers in advance
Not open for further replies.