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After the recent posts on PPrune etc perhaps it is time to ask for your help to let me know how you want this forum to be moderated. Afterall its your trainset

I will run it for fourteen days and see what comes of it

If you have any other suggestions either post them here or PM me
I am perhaps one of the worst offending children and will happily moderate my posts as per the poll

A point I must make however, the banter and the typical soldierly attitude and responces to alot of the topics on this forum is what attracted me to the site.

This site stands head and shoulder above Pprune and the others, I think that is because of the approach of the COs and not wanting to muzzle anyone.

During my time within the Corps, I cannot remember a briefing a serious discussion or a bollo*ing that didn't have a dig a crack or a wind up thrown in somewhere along the line. Has anyone ever been in to a crew room or groundy hut where no one is allowed to smile. ( the obvious ex Cpl of Horse GGW) don't answer ;D

When i think back to my time within the Corps I do it with a smile as I recall the laughs I had and the mates I made, there is nothing like that in Civvy street, this site captures that. I for one dont want to see this site turn in to a policed site such as Prune.
If it aint Broke dont fix it  ;D

PS: How do you get promoted ive been a Brew Bitch forever  ::).

Or is it a representative of the Corps in which case I will try harder  ;D
I agree with MDN and Wiggly. This is a far more realistic representation of the crew room (and therefore the Corps and the AAC fraternity) than any of the "I'm a pilot, if you're a pilot too I love you" drivel that is present on Pprune.

I was a long term member of Pprune and was sick to death of getting the holier than though brush off every time a bit of banter was injected.

WE are all ex or serving AAC, therefore WE are representative of what the AAC bods do, or used to, think.

Fair enough, some thing go way off topic, but as I will (grudgingly, because he drives a bratty wagon) agree with MDN, no discussion or crew talk ever went more than 10 minutes without a dig, p1ss take or outright lie being thrown in. Just like this site.

The intelligent and "ego proof" amongst us (not a dig at those that go crying to Pprune when they don't hear everything that they want to), can inject and read between the banter to extract the relevant information and opinions.

Anyone that can't differentiate between the two either didn't serve in the same army as me or has ended up just bitter and twisted after retiring into a civvie job that gives them nothing, therefore perpetrating some romantic bullsh1t notion of what the Army was really like.

Anyone that reads inane banter or opinion that they don’t like should step back and ponder as to where that opinion has come from. From their time served in the Corps maybe?

Without wanting to sound like I am licking a*rse (all pun intended) Arrse is a breath of fresh air for the ex bods who want a board where they can revert back into being squaddies without being patronised.

Giving it the same sort of elitism or mass censorship that Pprune has will kill it. After all, how many of us used to post on Pprune under different names now come on here and can't even be Arrsed to check the Pprune board anymore?

It isn’t broke, this is how it always was in the mob, don't try to fix it!

P.S. I was PM’d and it was recommended that I went onto Pprune to look at some of the articles that were posted about Arrse, I was most interested to see one particular comment about how “most of the articles on Pprune were from SNCO’s and Occifers whereas most of ours were from the “junior ranks”.

I noted that one of the Arrse founders quite rightly defended and corrected this and pointed out that a lot of posts on here are from the said SNCO’s and Orrifices (all be it the ones with a sense of humour, excuse the spelling, my fingers slipped). Maybe someone should point out the following, without, of course, mentioning names.

1.      What rank was the guy from Nethers that was “asked” to leave after being investigated for drug dealing? (Hint, Sgt)

2.      What was the rank of the only guy I knew in Soest that was done and jailed for expenses fraud (hint, WO2)

3.      What was the rank of the guy that I had a row with after he found out that I was sh*gging a queer floppy pilots wife (guess what rank the pilot was(Hint Sgt)) at the same time that he was (even though he was a married officer (Hint Capt)).

And many, many more. I am sure that everyone else on here has similar stories. This isn’t a dig at them or a request for them to spill the beans on more stories; it’s just a dig at the “eyes closed, we are better than you” idiots

The words “glass house” and “stones” spring to mind

Rant off, just woke up from a sesh with a bad head.

Like real life ;D ;D
However, there is one area that I still can't work out....why don't the Air Techs/REME Aviation post?  Aswell as some huge potential for top banter with the BATS (both ways) I know that they must surely have some very valuable comments that might (outside chance but might work)...might result in a closer working relationship on the line with some friendly banter.......just a thought    
...... totally agree!  Am I the only damn Bat on here?
Great post ORG.

I'm sorry that you've left the Corps as we need plain speakers like you around.

I'm only on the fringes of the Corps now and this board is really valuable in helping me to keep in touch with what's happening in the real world. I particularly like the input from the 'goundie' guys and gals as they have always been the barometer for the way things are  REALLY going.

Keep it up and no censorship please.

By the ORG, well done for sh*gging the floppy jocks wife!



Excuse me. I'm fairly new to this site and have joined in with the threads of the, how shall I put this, erm ok crude type of banter.  My parents were forces people. I miss it. Theres nothing like a bit of harmless banter. I don't think I have ever laughed so much for such a long time. Although I have read with interest over most of the topics on here, ( a lot of which are way over my head) <<<<No comments here MDN  ;D>>>  There are such a wide choice of said topics on which to air views, something for everyone. Whatever the level.  Be it just a laugh or on a serious note. The choice IS there.

Makes life a little more bearable when waiting for a loved one. I like the site. Thanks for the welcome party!

I'll get me coat....................... ;D
Porridge, if people have got a problem with the site then it's their fault. Agreed at times there are a few mindless idiots on the site that just leave rubbish or stupid polls, but on the whole the site is great. I haven't been to Pprune, but if it is run by a load of pilots then I shan't bother.( not that i am anti pilot)

I wholeheartedly agree with ORG, it's a good site that doesn't need much policing.  
Bad CO and I had a chat about this issue on the phone yesterday until he was rudely interupted (and we'll be having a chat about that later mate ;) ) I was quite narked by the fact that a certain individual chose to air his grievences about this site on PPRuNe rather than keep it in house, frankly I thought it showed bad form. I was also a tad put out by the fact said individual chose only to highlight certain threads while ignoring some excellent contributions such as the Future Army discussion in the QM's.  

The point I made in PPRuNe stands here also. No-one forces people to use this site. It will not be for everyone so people are free to take it or leave it. It would be a shame to see people go (we had 2 adverse comments in PPRuNe), however the door will always remain open for those 2 people to reurn should they feel the wish to do so, if they don't nothing is forcing them to come back.

PPRuNe is predominantly a civvie avn site with a mil pilots forum. This forum is dominated by the crabs for whom there would be no point to existance without aircrew or aircraft to fly them (not a spoonerism..FJ pilots being flown around by their kit..think about that one). A lot of the crab pilots are a tad arrogant to say the least because they don't have anything to keep them in check, espec as a lot of blunties are failed or wannabe aircrew themselves. Army pilots come from a diverse background, are mostly NCOs and in any case are failed donkey walloppers and inf grunts, who themselves don't get too het up about cabs. Ask a Para officer if he is overly impressed by a pilot and in words of 2 syllables or less he will tell you that flyers are just another cog in the great war-machine, ergo, reality check. The net result is that you don't get the aviation-prefessional-blow smoke up each others arrses that you get on PPRuNe from time to time.


I was informed that this thread had been started by the moderators.  I came back on the the site to have a look at what people were thinking about my post on PPRuNe.
The comments made were valid and I accept that.  All I wanted was an independant opinion from another group of professionals, there was no malice intended to any of you.  I am taking a beating from most of you (it seems to be the same people all the time) and maybe I deserve it.  Perhaps this section on the site should be titled Army Air Corps instead of Aviation, that way it is not misleading to anyone who wants to come on and discuss flying in the Army.  I think ORG is representative of the attitude that I was talking about........"shagging a pilots wife".......a really informed answer to your question.  Once again I apologise to you all for perhaps bringing you a little was unitentional.  The site is generally good and maybe I should have said that in my post on the other site.....hindsight is a wonderful thing.........Oh and Woopert (if indeed you are one) sowwy to have upset you and Bad CO....Bye Bye


Kenny everyone is entitled to an opinion, even me ! main thing is, so I think, (and im a dumb blonde so what do i Know????) enjoy the read and the site, people love you for being you, thats obvious even to me!! and if there is anything you dont want to read, just think of it as DBS... known to me personally as dumb blonde syndrome, it works for me!!! happy new year to you, i dont know you obviously but I am human (well i WAS when I last looked  ;D People respect you Kenny. That takes something these days...........
Perhaps this section on the site should be titled Army Air Corps instead of Aviation, that way it is not misleading to anyone who wants to come on and discuss flying in the Army.
A good point well made, however changing the name of the forum isn't my call, that should be for the moderator of this forum to endorse and Bad CO to decide.

I am taking a beating from most of you (it seems to be the same people all the time) and maybe I deserve it.
I would hope that you don't feel that way because of any of my comments, my wish is to defend the site and ask people to form their own opinions and not attack you directly. While I disagree with your point of view it is your right to hold your own opinions and it is not now or is it ever my intention to attack you as an individual.

That being said, while I appreciate what you were attempting to do I and a couple of the other moderators who also use PPRuNe would have preferred you address the issues here rather than taking it elsewhere, but what is done is done and raking over old coals will solve nothing, and that is the message I wish to put accross.

.........Oh and Woopert (if indeed you are one) sowwy to have upset you and Bad CO....Bye Bye
I am, but rank is an irrlevance on these boards. Apology accepted, now how about burying the issue and getting back in here and contributing what is, I am sure, a vast amount of knowledge, background, wit, wisdom, and banter? It's a lonely world out there. If you want to discuss pure Avn then do that in PPRuNe if that is where you feel it is appropriate. If you want to keep in touch with what is going on in the Corps, and the army as a whole, then this is the place for you.
I think the same sentiment stands though. It's a free forum. You take it or leave it. As has been pointed out before, like any large crew room with a big cross section of ranks and back grounds, you are bound to get an even bigger cross section of subjects and reactions to things being discussed. I'm the first one to admit being a bit peed off when a serious (ish) subject is being persued and certain people elbow in with crap remarks totally out of context. This is one of the reasons I asked the site owners to set up the NAAFI bar thread, so off topic stuff could be taken their, kind of works.
What do squaddies talk about when out hondapiss and in the crewroom/mess? The stockmarket, the current socio-political situation in Myanmar, the moral issues of cloning humans? Na, the usual - beer, footie and Doris's. Why should this be so different? I personally love this site, I've got in touch with people I haven't seen in years!
Unlike a real crewroom, it's very difficult to tell the troll who is spoiling your thread to p155 off. Best policy, ignore them, they will get bored with the lack of attention.
I too used to spend time over at pprune but got bored with the constant willy waving and arrogant attitude that was present.
I am very surprised at KENNYR's reaction to 'defect' and bleat to the enemy though. You wouldn't run off to the SSM if someone said a rude word in the crewroom would you? If you didn't like it, you'd ignore it and move on to something else.
The Aviation forum started off as AAC but, quite rightly, some thought it should attract all aspects of the flying game, hence the re-name to Avn. This is a civvy, public web site with a leaning towards green stuff. If you wish to see a fully moderated, yes-man, boots fitting alright, mail getting through site, provide your army number and log on to the Army website. Anyone who has the mentality of a squaddie would rather slam their knob in a door and run back to here just for the freedom!
KENNY, don't know you, but probably do. Start a thread that stimulates social intercourse and yea shall reap the rewards. (Top tip, I tend to ignore any thread that has been started or involves Leanne, usually involves short words of one or two syllables and attention seeking 'look at me' niff naff!). ;D

Happy new Year and good night.

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