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Army mad has post on the sigs forum, asking whether sigs kit is any good. Now he wants to join the RE, journo or trolling tosser is my guess.

Im just intrested in the army thats all i aint no journalist cause the seem too rip the sh** out the MOD
ARMY_MAD said:
I would like to join the RE is it worth joing the army?
Yes, best Army in the world, Best Corp in the Army!!! go for it when 19/20, get some life experience in meantime... good luck
im very nearly 15
Refreshing honesty! I was a little younger than you when I decided that I wanted to the join the Army (much to the astonishment of my parents, who expected me to do something flaky).

May I suggest that you return when you are 16 and actually old enough to join the Army? In the mean time, I suggest you join the ACF (Army Cadet Force) if there's a detachment near you. This will teach you many of the rudiments of Army life, as well as giving you a chance to meet soldiers from all sorts of Regiments and Corps and get an idea of what you would like to do if you DO join the Army.

Meanwhile, there's a board on this forum especially for ACF/CCF - they'll be able to give you more advice.

And finally, for future reference, never, never, never reveal your age on a public forum if you are under 16. Mereminx, whilst I understand why you asked, it would have been more appropriate to simple assume that ARMY_MAD was a youngster. ARRSE is not immune from the Internet's dark side.

Thanks for the advice im already a member of the ACF just wanted to get some inside info on the corps!
whos_ur_daddy said:
Join the RLC mate, without them the BEST can't move or fight. "WE SUSTAIN" :)
Bet your parents are proud of you. :roll:
yeah they are, but cheers for the comment "STAB" much appreciated. but back to the ARABs you know i'm right!!

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