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Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by gado, Jul 8, 2005.

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  1. Ok, I'm a single lady, living in a well known holiday town, with a great beach. I have just been out for a meal, on my own, then went to a bar, buy myself.

    Is this wrong?
    Why did a middle aged couple, at the next table laugh at me?
    Why did I feel foolish in the bar on my own, then scurry away like a wounded animal?

    Is me going out on my own a social fau pagh?

    Please help me.
  2. Hope you realise what you have just let yourself in for! Watch and shoot watch and shoot
  3. I do airtight, thankyou :cry:
  4. I'll start.........

    Nothing intrinsically wrong with it, unless you were touting for business?

    Maybe they laughed at you cos you had your knickers tucked into your skirt?
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    You could see if you could find three squaddies for a healthy airtight.

    (It doesn't matter if you felt foul, troops on the lash have no taste at all.)
  6. Yes, it's spelt faux pas. :)
  7. Did I meet you out last weekend?

    Why do I always end up with the married ones?
  8. Hummm….Not nice to pick on someone for being single, especially when they’ve asked for help. A little compassion would be a better approach instead of slating her straight away.
  9. It's a shame you felt foulish with an air of fau pagh. They may have been laughing if you penned this thread and they saw. Were they laughing or smiling. They may have been looking for a threesome. Phooeeer!
  10. You would have known if it was Cuts. You would currently be posting from a damp cellar listening to a lot of MLARRRRRing from the Windowlickers he has chained to the wall. And you would be wearing manacles around your ankles.

    Anyway leave gado alone I think she is lovely.
  11. Ah, I'll have a go at this :) The couple laughed because the man did NOT want his jealous date to think that she wasn't the most desirable woman in the room. She probably asked a loaded question and he was attempting to laugh it off but had in fact been checking you out which she instantly noticed.
    Going out on your own as a woman is, sadly, difficult. Just enjoy it and do your own thing! Exude confidence even if you feel uncomfortable. The right guy might just come up to you anmd if he doesn't there is always another night! :)
  12. Okay, very sorry. Where do you live gado, pm me for a shag and I don't eat breakfast by the way.
  13. SE you really are in touch with your feminine side aren't you?

    I guess I wasn't wrong when I said I thought you were ordering from Avon in your gallery Piccie. :lol: :lol: :wink:

    PS gado is still lovely.
  14. Gado, since he's off line, Gunny fancies a shag!

    Beebs :D
  15. I try DD, I try :)