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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Driverman11, Oct 2, 2010.

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  1. Hello,

    My husband has had his Mess Dress stolen. (Stupidly, No kit insurance)
    However i am going to suprise him and buy him new.

    Any way could you help me.

    I have bought his jacket, waistcoat, trousers and george boots.

    What more do i need? What do you wear under your waistcoat thing?

    What are spurs?

    He is a SSgt by the way.
  2. spurs are worn on the bottom of boots cowboy style .
  3. But not by a SSgt!!!
  4. It will be ok. The RSM wont mind him wearing spurs.
  5. Save your money under Future Army Dress V2 everyone will be issued Mess Kit, a DJ, and a set of chino's and Blazer. Roll out is early next year. After the redundancy and unit amalgamations the smaller leaner non deployable Army will be the place to be and without any wars to fight we will be socializing alot more!
  6. Never mind the spurs.

    Have you costed for the horse to match them?
  7. Contact; MICHAEL JAY at Stowmarket they did my RCT mess dress years ago.

    Made with Hainsworth Cloth.

    Michael Jay Tailoring

    Tel; 01449 614602
  8. The only sensible answer to the OP. No spurs, they're for WOs1, red braces (no I'm not joking) and white grandad shirt. To make it extra special get him a nice pair of cufflinks and pocket watch and chain.

    How the hell did he get his mess dress nicked?
  9. Except that the braces should be in Corps / Regimental colours. As he is a Ssgt, he will get away with it and will even be recognised as having good taste and character.
  10. Mess Dress nicked??

    I remember using that one years ago when I was caught bumming the Mess waitress and her fella come home early........

    Gutted as I still had a Cuban Cigar in the inside pocket!

  11. White, golf-ball pattern shirt - can't remember the name of the style of collar with the small turn downs to go with the black bow tie.
  12. Not for the RLC Mess dress, it's a collarless white shirt with French Cuffs.
  13. Thanks for all the advice, it was stolen from his car (own fault) I bought the shinny version of george boots. Will thsi surfice?