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Ok, I won't try and sell you any equipment.....

But it would be rearly usefull to know what eqiupment serving forces purchase from their local surplus shops / mail order to help them in the field?

Types, where from and price paid.

This info would then be collecated by myself and would help me to be able to offer better sales in the future, so come on Help me to Help you.

Also if you have purchased any equipment and it turned out to be completly a waste of time and money, let me know?

Wait out
I have been out a year but my recommendations are, Buffalo Shirt, Rab Jacket, Softie Jacket and one of those self inflating insulated roll mats, can't remember the prices, guaranteed they were expensive!
Ifvyou're not trying to sell us anything..............why are you here ********?

It's a bit like the tele sales chick that phones up from the double glazing company and uses the opener............

"Are you the householder Sir?"

"No dear, I'm the fuc*ing burglar".

No comment 'cause she's not fuckin' listening, then it's straight into:

"I'm not trying to sell you anything, but do you intend in the future to replace your windows?"

"I thought you weren't trying to sell me anything?"

"I'm not, I'm just conducting a survey"

"Well, that's pretty big of you".

No comment. Change lead.

" So what if I said that I was considering renewing my windows?"

"In that case Sir, we have a salesman your area, would you be interested in speaking to him?"


Deathly silence.

Break silence with " So what was it that you wanted?"

"I was only asking if you were intending replacing your windows"


"Well we have a salesman..."

"Yeah, I heard you. Now what is it that you're after"

"I wanted to know if you intended in the future......"

"Yeah, yeah, now get to the point".


Break silence with "You're trying to flog me some windows aren't you?"


"Then why are you phoning me?"

"I was........."

"Yeah, I'm not deaf petal, you're conducting a survey....."

"Yes that's right"

"Who for?"


"They sell windows don't they?"


"And you're trying to flog me some aren't you?"


"So why are you phoning. Come on it's your phone bill and I'm nearly at the 'vinegar stroke' so hurry up (break into simulated fast and heavy breathing), come on just say the word 'survey' again for me, you know what I like baby, yeah, yeah, aaaaaaaaaaaaargh"


They have a tendency not to phone back for a while after that! :twisted:


Ok, point taken!

At the moment I sell on Webtex, Arktis and other Equipment, but before I go out and find a new supplier(s) it would be good to know what the Forces are buying now.

When I was in it was all SAS Smocks and HH Field Jackets, but time have changed.

Most items I can get at Trade, and I wouls rather sell "usefull" items, then some other rubbish that I am offered.
ive been reccomend a place called jay jays or something like that, they apparently have a website but aint on google anyone got the addy?


I would like to be in a position to offer usefull equipment that you people need, at very good prices, Since I was serving places live silver(or should that be gold!)mans have been ripping the averge squaddie off with expensive prices, and its not fair........

Once I know the sort of equipment you want / need / require that the QM won't isssue you. Then it leaves me in a better position to offer that kit.

I deal with Webtex at the moment, and re-sell all their stuff for way under the RRP, but there is no point going our to find new suppliers only to find that you lot think that their kit is chad.

So give me a chance to help?



Ok I won't try and sell nethink on this forum, I have even left my sig block off so I won't get ne hits........ but I would like to use this if possible as a CQR to find info about kit etc......
You're not catching my drift man are you? Big hint..........try reading my first post and you may see where this is going.


So u have a problem with your dog?

Well I reccomend the frosted 2 x 4 glass code AA1453C, just let me know and Ill have the lad round to fit it "say a week on Friday"?????
"This info would then be collecated by myself and would help me to be able to offer better sales in the future, so come on Help me to Help you."

Go into John Bulls in Catterick. Look and see what he is selling and if you sell at a cheaper price than he is you will make a profit as he is a robbing c**t!!! :
I'd like two bottles of Tiger and some nuts please.
Like the man said go to John Bull see what he sells . Then undercut him . He sells good stuff but its well expensive . Items i suggest . Lowa boots , smocks , Softie jackets / dossbags. Good quality daysacks . Soldiers are no mugs , we will pay extra for good quality kit . Oh and bin any Highlander,Artkis kit you supply , its for recruits , cadets , and TA that have never been a regular .
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