Help me stop stopping!!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Dange_mouse, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Im in the process of joining and started training today for the first time in years. I seem not to be able to run for very long say 100 meters then out of breath but can then carry on then out of breath again etc. I managed to do about 6 miles in around 50mins quite easily except having to slow down and walk to get my breath back all the time. Ive heard that the running/walking/running/walking method is a quite effective way of training. Is this so and any ideas of how to train to stop me stopping and run 1.5 mile without stopping.

    And yes i know more running b4 anyone says that......
  2. Smerk more tabs.
  3. ?????
  4. Six miles in 50 minutes is an okay time, it would give you an average speed of 8 minutes and 20 seconds per mile (11.5 KPH) or 12 min 30 for the 1.5 miles.

    This means that when you are actually running you are going quite a bit faster as you probably only walk at 4-5 KPH. Do not try to sprint 6 miles unless you are Superman.

    Take it easy and run at a pace you can keep up for the whole distance, you'll find it a much more pleasant experience.
  5. You are running way too fast at that pace, i run 10k (which is just over six miles) in about 55 minutes.
  6. I assume that you have only just joined the site? If so, welcome!

    If you trawl through the Health and Fitness posts and Training Wing posts, you will find much to help you. Try searching for "BPFA" and "1.5" for a start.

    I agree with the others, you're trying to run too quickly too soon!

  7. When I started, I didn't realise someone built a wall 500m down my street, but there I was, hitting it every morning. Then I chose a point about 100m beyond that, and told myself I wouldn't stop until I got to there.

    And then 100m beyond that the next week. It took a while, but eventually I was jogging / running 2 miles without stopping. The 100m increments can increase to 1/2 mile increments once you get going.

    And remember stop/start running is really only fartlek by another name! It will increase your aerobic capacity...

    Good luck.


    Disclaimer - I still am not down to 10:30 on my 1.5mi, so this might be a blind man leading.
  8. Long and slow man.. dont run, jog.. but go long and stop as little as possible.. running in bursts is cheating.. I can run a 6 minute mile that way...

    Common saying amongst runners is "slow down to go faster". Once the endurance develops you will find you have become faster without even trying.

  9. I agree with everything so far. It's takes a bit of discipline to slow down more than you want to.

    Do what I did - mark out a certain stretch call it 3 miles, decide on the halfway point and decide for instance you want to reach it in 15 minutes, and make sure you make the other half last 15 minutes.

    If you keep thinking to yourself "Screw this it's too easy", stick it out, and when you've done your half hour burn the rest of your reserves on sprints to your hearts content!

    The long durations of constant (allbeit slower) phys will do you a hell of a lot of good.
  10. Join a running club. They'll train you (for not alot, £15 a year?) twice a week and before you know it you'll be running better than you thought possible.
  11. Spot on Jaycam,

    Supplement this with a couple of Fartlek/interval sessions a week and you will be well on your way.... aim for 30 minutes without stopping at first increasing to 45 minutes a couple of weeks later, then an Hour etc etc..

  12. Hey guys. thanks for the advise i will try going slower and see if it helps. Im only jogging realy any way. My legs are fine its me lungs. Ive quit smoking so i should see improvements. I just want to make sure im fit and prepared for the army dont want to be the one lagging behind. Any other advice?
  13. Yeah, but that's hopelessly slow
  14. No, hopelessly slow is running it in 17 days, 11 hours, 46 minutes and 23 seconds..........unless of course you're paralysed from the eyebrows down - in that case it's a major achievment.
  15. Maybe, but not if your 41 and havent done any exercise for the past 40 years!!