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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Clausewitz, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. I am going to be running the Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 24hr ultra marathon in Oct 2009 in aid of the Down's Syndrome Association.

    My aims are to:

    1. Raise £10,000 for the Down's Syndrome Association
    2. Run over 100 miles in 24hrs. Yes. 100 miles in one day.

    My nephew, George, has Down's syndrome and I wanted to do something special to help families with Down's lead full and rewarding lives.

    I would be really, really grateful if you might consider sponsoring me/donating. Even small amounts will add up.


    It is very, very easy, just click here:

    100 miles in one day

    If you would prefer to donate by cheque (bear in mind that you can't "gift aid" this way) please PM for address etc.

    If you feel that it is appropriate, I would be in your eternal debt if you would forward the link to your friends, family and acquaintances - I need as wide an audience as possible!

    Thank you so much for your time!
  2. Very worthy cause, are you anything to do with the services? Army in particular, only asking because there are a zillion good causes and limited funds from arrsers.
    Good luck in reaching your target, better man than me to do that!
  3. Yep. Fair point. Should have said! I left the Army in Dec after 11 years with the Gunners - but don't shoot me for that!!

    I used to struggle round a BFT... 10:29 dip on the line. Now I'm trying to run 100 miles in a day - would be very grateful if anyone could spare some beer tokens!
  4. Beer tokens incoming - good luck again :wink:
  5. Pennies inbound, sorry it's not more, the long haired general is sticking most of my wonga onto the mortgage ! Good luck.
  6. Five Minute FB - many thanks. Received. You are a gent.
  7. Forgive the bump - just trying to drum up some more support. Training is killing me - only 11 months to go. Please dig deep boys and girls! Very worthy cause.
  8. Again, forgive self bump!

    Training going well. Less than 50 days until my first real test on the journey towards running 100miles in 24hrs: I'll be running the Thames Path Ultra on Jan 17th - 50 miles of non-stop running along the Thames tow path from Reading into London.

    Can anyone spare any pennies for the Down's Syndrome Association?

    Currently we have raised £1000 and are therefore 10% of the way towards our £10k target - a long way to go - please dig deep!