Help me place a Spanish student this summer


I know that this is like asking Dracula to baby-sit a virgin, and I am probably in for a lot of stick but here goes........

I teach English in Catalonia and two of my female students would like to find summer work in the UK to improve their fluency and gain experience, and have asked if I could sort them out. One is 21 the other 17 years old. Both have good English and should have no big problems in communication.
They would like to find jobs where they are working directly with the public in order to use their English, so what they want for example is hotel reception rather than making beds in the same hotel. They are willing to be flexible in the type of job, and money is not hugely important in the sense that it should cover living expenses as the English experience is what they are after.

I have been away for a while now and have lost most of my contacts, and I would be grateful for any help.
Any job should be verifiable as I don’t want them to have a bad experience, and I do try to look after my students.

To anticipate some comments, neither is a good-looker in the classical sense, though the older one has a magnificent chest. The younger one’s dad is a rather large ex-policeman currently working with the Catalan police as a Crisis Psychologist and a good mate, who I have now infected with a love of good ale, curry, and rugby.
Both are nice lasses though a bit shy (the elder) and reserved (the younger).
I have already imagined the sexual innuendo, so you needn’t bother, this is a serious question.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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