Help Me Out For F**k Sakes.



Can somebody please confirm the official name to this decade that we now find ourselves in ?

We had so many debates about this , and nobody could come up with a proper answer.

And NO, don't even think about using ...... "The Teeny's" as your answer.

Thank's People.
Nope, I can't and your stuffed.

The problem is way over a century old, and no one has come up with a decent name for the year span 11-19 yet.

Find a decent one and you might make a fair wedge of cash if you manage the idea well.


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What's wrong with 'The Teens'? Plenty of folk on here would give their eye-teeth to be stuck in in some teens for the next ten years.
What about the "Tweenies" (if it's not trademarked)?


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What about the "Tweenies" (if it's not trademarked)?
[GEEK]Tolkein penned the term "Tweens" as the way Hobbits described their petulent 20s.[/GEEK]
Annus pubertas?
It's the twenty tens as far as I'm concerned, just as it once was the nineteen tens.

Also, for the record, I didn't hold with the "naughties" for the last decade either. That was just stupid. It was the twenty hundreds as far as I was concerned.

There, that should clear the matter up for you. Make sure you spread the word that it's now the twenty tens, ok.
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