Help me make a hippy album.

I was listening to some old vynal the other day and found I had some old 45's. I had Matthews Southern Comforts' 'Woodstock' and Jefferson Airplanes' 'White Rabbit'. I have now decided to knock together a decent 60's alternative\hippy CD. Any suggestions for good tracks to add?
Quinn the Eskimo?
70's, naff very, very naff.

'When Quinn the eskimo gets here, everybodys gonna jump for joy'. What the hells that all about?
Speedy said:
70's, nad very, very naff.

'When Quinn the eskimo gets here, everybodys gonna jump for joy'. What the hells that all about?
70's - surely a decade out my friend. Hippydome revolves round the summer of love - 1967 I think. Therefore think:

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile
Beatles - Sgt Peppers Band era - say A Day In The Life or Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Hello I love you by the Doors

Actually, you may mock but quite a good era for music - far preferable to boy/girl bands, glam rock, wake me up before you go-go kind of stuff for me.

8) 8) 8)
The Byrds - 8 Miles High
Cream - White Room
Dylan - All Along the Watchtower (The Hendrix version, obviously, Dylan's is wank 8) )
Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth
Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf
Freebird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
(going to to) San Francisco - ??
The Byrds, good call <adds to list>


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Fairport Convention...Si Tu Doi Partir (French language version of Dylan's "If your gotta go.")
Creedence Cleerwater Revival....Who'll stop The Rain
Mamas & The Papa....California Dreamin'
Rolling Stones....Paint It Black
I've just had a quick google and came up with the top seller (in the UK at least) for 1967, and surely a contender:

All you need is love - The Beatles

plus some more -

Feelin Groovy - S&G
Mellow Yellow - Donovan
Pink Floyd's 'Arnold Layne' or 'See Emily Play' would be worth including.
A man from my era - can give you plenty, but depends on how "hippy" you want to be - Jefferson airplane - someone to love, universal soldier - donovan, whiter shade of pale - procul harum (no i dont know what the lyrics mean either) see emily play - pink floyd, deboran,deborah - tyrannosaurus rex (before marc bolan found volts and became a complete cnut), white room - cream (come to that anything by cream), positively 4th street - bob dylan, the night they drove old dixie down - joan baez - theres thousands of then - have a dig thru the doors/jethro tull/pink floyd/santana - turn on - tune in - drop out
I think a Floyd rule should be that they should only be Syd Barratt era songs. See Emily Play is a personal fave of mine.


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Got to have some Incredible String Band - anything from 5,000 Spirits, or The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter. Hiuppy nonsense at its finest.
Or what about some Jethro Tull? They don't come much more hippy-ish than Ian Anderson. I'd nominate Thick as a Brick.
True Hippies only ever listened to The Fugs and the Mothers of Invention.and only when at least three sheets to the wind on some prime cut or alternative homeopathic remedies...
If I may add my 2 cents worth...........

Elvis Presley - Hound Dog
Wilson Pickett - A Land of a 1000 Dancers
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son
Aretha Franklin - Respect (Not sure if this is 50's?????)
The Doors - Break On Through
Simon and Garfunkel - Mrs Robinson
Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers
Scott McKenzie - San Fransico
The Fith Dimension - Aquarius (Not sure if this is 70's????)
Lynrd Skynrd - Sweet Home Alabama
The Doobie Brothers It Keeps You Running
Willie Nelson - On the Road Again
Bob Segar - Against The Wind

All Classics


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You could perhaps go for something really proto-hippy and add something from The Ian Campbell Folk Group (from the period with Dave Pegg and Dave Swarbrick) or the only Strawbs & Sandy Denny album....All Our Own Work. I would propose "And I need You." a beautiful little song that is now forgotten just like the wonderfull Miss Denny herself.

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