help me look!

i'm trying to find info on new postings available to my husband. He is an RLC officer...anywhere online I can go? And plase don't slate me as an interferer or dominating wife...I'm only helping out as his 'should know betters' keep sending him away and don't provide him with a list of the choices. I would love to have something for him to look over when he next comes back to the country
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away .....................

Maybe you should ask him to ask his 'should know betters' to provide him with some basic information? Just a wild, crazy idea that may get you (sorry, I mean him) the information he needs.

Are you familiar with the term "Wah"?????
sense of humour?????
and if he were ever in the country or not on a course he may be able to ask, life just now is not working out that way....i really just need the info not the helpful lifestyle tips folks
My dear Lady. You've been through this under "Job Hunt". Can I seriously suggest you have a chat with the wives of other officers?

Whilst not wishing to sound too condescending and patronising; if your husband had a reasonable amount of "get up and go", he would be showing the right qualities and sorting his own life out and choosing his own direction! Officers postings work in mysterious ways - it's no worse than what the Rank and File have to tolerate, many of whom have far more experience than your husbnd has!
thank you snail!
honestly frang! any morfe condescension and u'll become a preist!
glad to know men remember chivalry...u dont think we have tried these routes!!!! being in kuwait makes things difficult for these things. Try a relationship where u work as a team, u may find it novel
Since when did the views of WAGs ( and you certainly spell like one) influence the postings plot?!

Wake up Doris - there are far more broken marriages and breakdowns amongst the non-commissioned ranks than there have ever been amongst the officers mess. The toms look to the likes of you for leadership in these difficult times, not the wives of our leaders bleating like a Tom's wife!
#9 i have been informed of an error...i am told 'bone' questions r a no no and not to bite....i apologise for back biting cattiness and will wait patiently for a hopeful reply or come back another day with a grown up question. thanks for ur time guys and invading ur territory

You need to stop posting now.

This is only going to get more abusive.

If you want serious answers I would try some where else apart from here.

You are not going to recieve anything apart from grief and being slammed.

The-Lord-Flasheart said:
Beggars belief.

I really do now know that loggies marry some truly thick people just to make themselves feel superior. :roll:
Have to agree with that sentiment although it'd be difficult to know where they would find such creatures - surely nobody can be THAT thick?

If this isn't a "Wah" then Mr 'Out of Loop (perhaps that should read FRUITLOOP?) Wife' must be either:

a) Spineless.

b) Stupid beyond all possible comprehension.


c) Mortified and thoroughly ashamed of himself.

Keep going though Doris because this has the potantial to run and run.

EtA :lol:
Take no notice of the above posts.
I totally understand where you are coming from. The easiest thing to do is to go straight to the horses mouth so to speak. My wife did this whilst i was on OP NIMROD last year. I needed to see where the future posting plot was for E1 posts. She rang the people who manage both officers and soldiers careers, MCM Div in Glasgow. The number you require is 0141 224 3411. That is the Capt's Desk Officer, assuming your husband is a Capt? PM me for further info.

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