Help Me - Im thinking of Voting Labour

At the risk of being classified as criminally insane or a trolling c'unt...i really am considering it!

Reasons as thus:
Whilst defence spending has been cut across the piece as individuals we've done alright with decent pay rises consistently
Labour has learnt some hard lessons; they are working hard to ameliorate the damage
They are an experienced government who aren't going to change for changes sake
They are making good the disasterous immingration policy
Loony Left Local authorities will endure in trendy boroughs; a change in central government is unlikely to affect this
I've got no faith whatsoever in Camermong and his cronies
Tories are going to hammer the Middle classes under the auspices of Strong Medicine tastes unpleasant etc
The electorate is becoming less apothetic generally and is now lesslikely to stand for anymore nonsense
Better the devil you know...

so have i relly lost the plot, or is this hangover deluding me...


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Step away from the polling booth and take a deep breath.


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D-D, your posts over the past month or so have been moving me to think you are losing your marbles; this latest has just confirmed it. :cry:
Danny_Dravot said:
so have i relly lost the plot, or is this hangover deluding me...
No, I would not say you have lost the plot. If you cherish things like the NHS, a fair deal for the honest working man etc, then I would vote Labour. Mark my words, if Oily Dave and his Eton cronies get in, they will do so much damage to the NHS. There is no difference between him and the Great Satan, Thatcher. Don't be hoodwinked into thinking that spending on the Forces will get any better. I seem to remember that the Tories were in power when the Options for Change cull happened.
The country is up sh*t creek without a paddle, irrespective of which party gets the majority vote. It is not going to be a shoe in for the Tories by any means, as Labour has a huge number of core voters dependent on them getting back into Government.
I can understand some out there not having much faith in David Cameron, as he is unproven and does come across as a similar type of politician to Tony Blair. However, I believe he at least deserves a chance to prove to the country that his party has more substance than they are currently demonstrating.
It has got to be a better option than placing a cross against a Labour candidate on the ballot paper.They have had their chance for the last 12 years and have made a complete mess of it. Time for a change!
im gunna leave a colt .45 on the table and look the other way....... ;)
Go sit quietly, the 'men in the white coats' will be along very shortly. :wink:
vvaannmmaann said:
It would be very interesting to see how Cyclops plans to get us out of the crap we are in.
Not nearly interesting enough to tolerate anybody actually voting for them!
In the last 4 days ive had 5 junk mail letters from the Tories......if they keep that up im definately voting labour
Have a quick scan here - that should allow you to resolve the temporary dementia. If not, we will apply to have you sectioned. Then you can have a long chat with Gordon in the rubber room when he is finally knifed by 'the Party' after the election.

The first 2 photos are sourced from the Daily Mail, so I expect Whet will be along shortly to denounce them as Tory lies...
Here's one reason not to vote Labour. (comment nicked from another site)

"..One of Brown’s biggest recent political successes is in establishing the meme that cutting the budget deficit to half its current level is the definition of success.

In fact, that would only be bringing it down to what it was when Healey went to the IMF and to more than double the annual deficit before entering recession...."

and lets not forget, he is only talking about cutting the deficit. He will still be borrowing and increasing the DEBT.
That alone is enough reason never to vote these fiscally irresponsible fools back into government.
loaded_not_ready said:
Danny_Dravot said:
so have i relly lost the plot, or is this hangover deluding me...
If you cherish things like the NHS,
My local hospital has lost one third of its beds and one quarter of its staff since 1997. They're now turning away cancer patients when the hospital is full - unless the patients can afford to pay for a bed in the private ward. Nevertheless the hospital management managed to find 50 grand to spend on bronze statues of dancing lesbians to demonstrate their commitment to diversity.

Here are some stats that you wont hear from Gordon at PMQs:-

The government's own Office for National Statistics state that 30,000 beds have been lost from NHS hospitals since 1997.

Male life expectancy in some UK cities is lower than in the Palestinian territories in the Middle East.

Infant mortality in some parts of northern England is higher than in Bangladesh.

Cancer survival rates are significantly lower than in the rest of Europe and they're about 40% lower than in the USA. This is mainly due to NICE refusing to fund expensive drugs whereas those evil, capitalist health insurance companies will. No lack of money for the loony left though. The NHS job site was recently advertising for a 'carbon footprint reduction champion' for a trust in the south of England. 95 grand a year.

One of the reasons why cancer patients are dropping like flies is that rates of infectious disease like MRSA and Cdiff are 10 times higher in UK hospitals than in some other European countries. Labour has tripled health spending and they can't even keep the hospitals clean.

Another reason is that there are fewer scanning machines in England than in any other country in the OECD except Mexico.

Round my way, and in other places, patients are left to die in hospital car parks or on the streets rather than breaching the 4 hour wait limit in A&E.

NHS dentists are a fond, childhood memory for most people in Britain.

I do hope Gordon tries to portray himself as the defender of the NHS during the election campaign. The Tories have been collecting ammunition for years.

loaded_not_ready said:
a fair deal for the honest working man
Except if the man in question happens to be a steel worker at the Corus plants in the North East. 1700 of them have just seen their employer shut down and their jobs exported to India due to the cost of the environmental taxes imposed by Gordon in an effort to save the world.

Strangely enough, that never happened during the reign of the 'Great Satan'. The furnaces have been burning continuously for decades. It took a financial genius of Gordon's stature to achieve what Maggie couldn't.

Corus joins thousands of other businesses that are relocating abroad to avoid the highest levels of peacetime taxation in Britain's history.

loaded_not_ready said:
Oily Dave
Can't argue with that. The man's forehead could be the world's last, great untapped source of hydrocarbons.

loaded_not_ready said:
Eton cronies
Dear God! You lefties just don't learn do you?
I have no faith in Cameron and his mates.

I have complete confidence in Brown and his clowns to **** up everything they come into contact with.
mushroom said:
I have no faith in Cameron and his mates.

I have complete confidence in Brown and his clowns to * up everything they come into contact with.
lol, really or are you just kidding?

Brown is worse than Blair, at least Blair got elected :x
parahopes said:
if you can't choose who to vote for, then don't vote. mong.
Then you waste your vote. Or in your case, you don't.. you have to be 18 to vote. Shush now, young one....

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