Help me - I want to cry

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jimnicebutdim, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. The bollards. It jumped into the side of my car.

  2. The other car near (about 1/2 a mile) me.

  3. The weather conditions. It was dangerously dry and the clearness was a hazard

  4. Anyone else but me.

  1. I have had a my new car since New Years Eve. It's a shiny, fast Mazda 6 with leather interior and alloy wheels. It's got 136BHP under the bonnet, and a Bose sound system.

    Just nipped up to the chippy for some dinner, and I've managed to slide the whole LHS down a concrete bollard. :cry: There are scrapes all the way from the front to the rear wheel arch, and the passenger door is gonna need the help of a decent panel beater.

    I really want to bawl like a child. Please say nice things to cheer me up, especially positive comments about my driving skill
  2. Just think how much 'go faster' stripes would have cost?....saved a fortune :)
  3. Have a sex change - it will be acceptable to do this if you are female.
  4. Sure you're not female or a Chav?
  5. As its a Mazda I immediately assumed that the poster is already female.

  6. Go back and scrape the paint back off the bollard then cellotape it back on to your car. Or trade it in for an AFV.
  7. No i'm not a female, or a chav. A Mazda 6 is a large family car FFS.

    PS. Anyone know of a decent Bodyshop near Northwood?
  8. IT WAS a large family...slightly reduced now :)
  9. I would do your image a big favour and put a match to it.
  10. How did the chips taste?
  12. The chips were mediocre, and not worth the cost.
  13. "Barriers & Bollards Ltd
    Telescopic/Security Bollards/Posts UK Manufacturer, buy direct

    Had a chuckle to the ad on the bottom of the page :)
  14. Nor is it worth the cost of damaging the environment with the use of your large family car to go out and buy chips. Everybody has a responsibility to monitor and control their carbon footprint in order to provide a healthy environment for the children of the future. I hope that this has been a lesson to you.
  15. CNUTS!!!! Thats just rubbing salt into the wounds!!