Help me help a chum track their families service

I was lucky enough to know both my grandfathers, and the small part they played in bashing both Jerry and Jap. I have their medals on my wall alongside cap badges and photos. I only mention this to point out that I've no idea how you might track this information down on the interweb.

I've a chum who wants to trace the World War II service history of her grandfathers, she doesn't know their service numbers, obviously know their names though. Her other info is rather sketchy at best;

"the only information I have is that they both served, one in the navy and one in the air force. I know nothing else except that one was in the far east as a rear bomber (and never was the same again ) and the other was an engineer and rum boson (spelling) on an air craft carrier with lots of wicked stories, but we know he saw some horrid stuff too and thats the bit I'm interested in, to see where he was etc"

She asked me what she should do, and I've not a clue, but I told her I knew a forum that would. So can any of you prove me right and point out some basics?

Thanks in advance.


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Some handy links and so on in the wiki. Clickity.

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