Help me get rid of this facebook group

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mummybear, Dec 12, 2009.

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  1. I'm venturing out of the safe haven of the parents thread to ask for a little assistance off you all. Can you help get this fb group banned or at the very least do what you're best at and let rip on this pathetic group of individuals.

    Face Book Group

    Thanks xx

    Update:- It now seems that the administrators of both the original group and the one that took over the group have thankfully now gone. x
  2. Most ARRSEers want him to do it. And then watch the aftermath.
  3. Who cares about a facebook group. What precisely do you think these groups achieve?

    I'd join just to see him do it (if I knew how a facebook works).
  4. I'm hoping he achieves infamy and gets brassed up when he attempts it. :D
  5. I got two invites today to find people on Fuckbook...Im guessing that site's a bit more interesting :D
  6. It will be funny watching a load of size 10 -13 Ammo boots stamping on his head to be honest...........its amazing how these students go running back to mummy afterwards.
  7. Definitely sounds like he needs a good kicking. I can't imagine a guardsman standing still for this. I wouldn't. He wouldn't even be able to get his trousers half down before I would be making love to him with my bayonet. How do you like THAT, Matey? :wink:
  8. Mummy bear suck me off.
  9. Y'see? If they still stagged on with SLRs, it'd be the ideal opportunity for a butt butt-stroke. I'd pay good dosh to see that too.

  10. hahahaha You all restore my faith in humanity :D

    Womb_Poker thanks for the offer I've just had steak for my tea I could do with something to pick it out of my teeth :wink:

  11. Let it go ahead, this student reactionary fcukwit will be dog meat, before he crimps. Might save another UniLoon on Mickey Mouse studies from soiling society. Watching with interest :twisted:
  12. this thing will be breaking teeth. dont pretend you dont want to gargle me.
  13. Thank you Mummy. :wink:

    My son is on Changing the Guard again tomorrow, Shite on his boots, I hope he sticks his Bayonet where the sun don't shine! :twisted:
  14. Just make sure your lad passes the scrotes photo around, I wouldnt want any of the lads missing him if he turns up.
  15. Shite on his boots????? hahaha