Help me find a husband...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Phyllis_Chubb, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. ...for my daughter.

    she's a very pritty girl for a welsh girl but shes not getting any younger quite old infact at the ripe old age of mid 30s.shes had a few boyfriends but not much luck.
    she once dated a gurka solger but he turned out to be married so i made her leave him and she once dated an officer caddet but he slept with a prostitute which is immorall so i made her leave him she likes officers so i would like to find her one. Please post if your interested in marrying my daughter.

    thank you.
  2. Good looking mong ain't she!
  3. Try before you buy?
  4. if she has three usable holes and knows how to shut one on occasions
    im willing to give her a go
    wont promise anything :)
  5. Like mther, like daughter eh Pentwyn
  6. I'm sure she would cut dash in the mess :D
    Do you have any pritty photographs of her that we could peruse?

    edited due to stella spelling.
  7. That avator picture,

    Is there any chance, that its your daughter you speak of ?
  8. Stop being mean to Mrs Chubbster... I think you have a lovely daughter. :) Can I register the interest of Cutaway on this occasion, he needs a full leg to finish his lady suit.

    She does have two legs right?

    Beebs x
  9. You are a sad 'Git' if you think its funny to use such a photo - grow up
  10. I'm afraid to say you may very well suffer a heart attack if you ever read some of Arrse's other threads.
  11. And can you imagine having to see it in the mirror every day *shudders*

    Beebs x

  12. How nasty of you.

    I'm sure Phyllis feels sad each time she looks in the mirror and sees she is stricken with the 'mong' gene.

    You are one heartless b'stard, Scnellimbiss.
  13. doomandgloom likes a bit of mong action ask him.
  14. Schnelly, my little halbwit, then this might tip you over the edge.

    Get a life, you freak.