Help Me!!! Do I want to wear a Jimmy?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Davros_the_Dalek, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. Ok, so I am currently plodding along in the Green Slime doing my job. Great. Problem is that I dont actually seem to be getting anywhere in any hurry and the outlook for the next three years or soo is potentially bleak job-wise.

    So a friend mentions to me that they think I have a natural talent with computers (I am an utter computer geek) and electronics and such like and that I should transfer to RSigs and do IS Op or Tech trade or something.

    Now where I am at the mo, there are a couple of techs and IS Ops that I chat to occasionally, but I have reservations about both. ie. If I was to become an IS Op, is current knowledge taken into account in trg? What job would I end up doing after passing the course? I have heard I'd end up stagging on at a helpdesk somewhere reseting peoples passwords and rebuilding hard drives for the next few years.

    Tech-wise, I have heard that they are oversubscribed and that they aint actively looking for any more at the mo. Also, what jobs do they do? My mate here does a kinda specialised job, so I dont really know what else there is for his trade.

    I'm a 5 year Lance Jack and I have all the neccessary A Levels and stuff that one might need if that helps with any advice you might have...

    Muchos gracias in advance..

    DD :D
  2. 5 year lance is a clue in the r sigs it took me 8 years for my first ! what corps/regt are you .........5 year lance jack .........sit back and enjoy for a while at 14 years now , and was passed over for my sgt ...i will be waiting it out for the next board and so on .....every job has a low spell for a few years , that gos with all these new trades trades new jobs , lots of people wanting to do them , see your pso and have a chat , but i would be interested to know your brance of the army .
  3. Int Corps mate, so 5 years is on the far side of my rank.. To be honest the rank thing doesnt really bother me that much.. It's the thinking that I am gonna end being bounced around Bde Int sections for the next few years and really not have had that much fun.

    Techhie trades appeal to me more tho..

    I had a feeling that this might be the theme of most replies. As I said, the rank doesn't bother me, I'm on the top lvl increment and I am happy there. Yes being promoted would be nice, but all not being promoted has done is make me think..
  4. DD,

    5 Years is f*ck all in the scheme of things. Everybody marks time in one rank or other, even the flyers. If you have a quick scan through this forum and read some of the posts about the Royal School of Signals, that should be enough to dissuade anyone from applying for a transfer.
  5. Thats what I like, lots of constructive advice :)

    Ref re-trade. Your best best is IS Engr (not Ops anymore). Sys Eng Tech are over subscribed so no chance really even though it would be a better job. IS Engr are employed in more diverse rolls than helpdesks, especially with modern IP based comms systems coming online (BOWMAN, CORMORANT, FALCON etc).

    The IS roster is pretty top heavy at the moment so as a lance jack you should be fine.

    Anyway lance Jack after 5 years is pretty average, ask any Royal Sigs tech! (some are Sgts after 5 years) Most 'good' operators are with some hitting full screw soon after.

    P.s by the way I was still a Siggie! (but am now commisioned so there is hope for you all!!) :wink:
  6. Whilst you're still a snot hat, ask for a posting to any of the SIGINT places. I'm sure that after a short spell in the depths of Wales you'll never want to become a scaley..... Unless of course (judging by this forum) you enjoy being fukced around and whinging! :wink:

  7. Ooohh sysadmin warning bell just went off then :p

    What sort of geek , the sort that knows how to surf the web and install games or the sort that had his own fileserver on a unix wireless network running oracle 8 and sql ?
  8. :x

    Er.. mostly the latter.. other than the SQL, but on a Solaris box..

    SQL.. that's scary territory. :roll:
  9. mmmmmmmmmmm solaris
  10. Hmm.. are we talking higher or lower band pay for these jobs?
  11. I think before you think about a Re-tread, you need to take your concerns to your chain of command.

    Having worked with IT bods for the Int Corps, some of their requirements are very IT heavy and they need in house specialists. There are a number posts for Int Corps blokes which you may enjoy.

    The Signals are going through a bit of an odd time at the moment (as they have been for a while) with the introduction of BOWMAN, Falcon and Cormorant. The Corps is still trying to define the role of Ops/Tech/IS - as it all seems to heading to one super trade.

    Have a chat with your guys and if you are still p iss ed off then find the RCMO at your nearest Signals unit and have a chat
  12. Polar69,

    You GEEK!!!!

    Maybe you'd be interested in the geek kit that your neighbouring TA Sigs/HQ Sqn @ 38 Sigs Regt has Project REEBOK (ok the site doesn't belong to 38 but they have very similar equipment)

  13. This would not have anything to with the LCpl to Cpl promotion board results being released a couple of hours before this post would it? The words 'pique' and 'in a fit of' spring to mind.

    Anyway, it looks like you are to be a 6-year lance jack and my aquaintances tell me that is a long time to be a LCpl in the slime. :roll:
  14. He is a sprog? You could not even recognise the term "Green Slime"! You must be a very, very gifted individual who knows all about the wider army and managed to get to LCpl after eight years; i am sure you are the very best person to give this guy advice...

    Clearly your spelling, diction and massive intelligence levels have helped you through your career!
  15. If you can handle Solaris as well as Windows platforms then 2 Sigs or 30 Sigs as an IS Engineer would be right up your street.

    They use the JOCS IT system based on a Windows/Solaris hybrid and the new wide area comms bearer is Cormorant which is an ATM backbone linking voice and data LAN segments. It uses Solaris for its network management functions and Windows for other OS - lots of expensive commercial software for VPN, IP addressing, DNS schema, firewall and more - for example Oracle for data replication and resilience (it's a bit of a mindf*** apparently but really interesting and challenging).

    PM me for more info.