Help me Boris 3098!

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by don_ten, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. I'm off on HERRICK 18 and deployment is shall we say pretty imminent.

    I need one of your battle belts but dont know how to get hold of one.

    Any one got an email address and how long till I can get it after I have paid up?
    Needs to be a quick turnaround ie a couple of weeks.

    Yes I know I can get a lesser model in a shop or elsewhere on the Internet but his look the bollocks

  2. Ive sent Boris a link to this ,but If he cant make it in time im sure I can make you one ,we both use the same materials so its only the craftsman that differs .
  3. Is it pretty much the same thing?

    What's the damage? To fit a 34" waist if you can
  4. Any pics of your previous work mate?
  5. Pm sent
  6. Got the belt..

    It's shit I've thrown it in the bin it's like a kids made it wearing boxing gloves.

    Jokes! It's beauty! It's getting thrashed in a week :)
  7. I'm on the road at the min but when I get back to camp I'll stick some on.

    I'm using my own Molle yoke and added pouches/dump/PMAG quick release etc. sexy:)
  8. get Boris to knock you up an under armour yoke you wont regret it.