Help me before i make a bad decision.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Meacham2121, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. hi there

    Im 17 now and im 100% possitive that i want to join one of the armed forces, and doing a combat job. I hvae looked into joining both the army and RAF Regiment, and was swinging the way of the RAF regiment until I did some homework.

    RAF regiment have been slag'd off a lot on forums e.t.c saying that they are REMFs and posers. One of the worst examples being something I read on these forums and a video i watched on youtube of them talking about the serious business of getting a tan. This goes to my first question are the RAF reg really like this? If so **** that cus I'm far from that sort of attitude.

    Also I dont wanna be a REMF if I join the forces I wanna be going out there and be in the fight, I know I will get this in the army, but will I get many contacts in Afgahnistan or Iraq with the RAF regiment?


    Meacham :lol:
  2. Matt,

    First thing: Take your email address off your user account.

    Second: Do you really expect to get an impartial view of the RAF Regiment on an Army chat forum?
  3. They do come back from Afghanland with superlative suntans. 8)

    Simply consider the purpose of the Rockapes, they are there to defend RAF assets which would seem to be a little way away from what you are looking for.
    You sound like you should be thinking Infantry which has a wider scope of tasks than the RAF Regt. so why not check out your local regiment which would probably give you what you wanted.
    Also don't be too gung ho, you will find that attitudes change with the first contact. Learn to be professional instead.
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Dribble deleted. Stay on topic or don't post, simples innit?
  5. Be a man and join the Marines.
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Have you been to a careers office yet?

    Do that first, talk to a real life Army Soldier and a real life RAF er...person and make up your own mind.

    Generally the bulk of advice you will get on here is utter drivel from people who know fcuk all.
  7. Meacham, teh RAF Regt are actually a lot more involved in the business of fighting than people give them credit for.
    The Regt only make up 5% of the manning out in Afghan, but can claim over 63% of Taliban kills. Compare that to the Army and you will see that the Regt come out well on top.
    In Iraq, it's a little known fact that the Regt are still there fighting alongside there Speshul Forces brethren.

    The youtube videos and slagging they get are part of a disinformation campaign, the idea being is enemy forces see them as a soft touch, they then attack and get royally humped.

    Are you are also aware that the Regt has a Para capability, and the RAFs version of P-Company is actually harder (physically and mentally) than the Army's.

    Hope this helps
  8. I know very little about them and they do get a lot of drubbing from the Army (N.R.D.G. and all that) but they obviously have a very important role in the R.A.F. and they see service in all the operational theatre's these day's. You have probably seen it but here's their website. The best advice has been given though, go to the career's office and chat to them and to Army career's and then make your choice..
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  9. I generally found Rocks to be quite sound, and several of them had interesting ribbons and/or injuries - sometimes even wounds they didn't have that they didn't get in places they never were. (and, no, I don't mean they were "wound walts")

    See if you can spend some time speaking to some real RAF/Infantry people.
  10. Agreed.

    They arent that bad, big timers are everywhere regardless of what you choose, for every RAF Regt bloke cutting round KAF in a maroon peggie t shirt with Oakleys on you'll find a pongo not 50 foot away bearded up with wavy hair and thousand yard eyes as he negotiates his way round precariously balanced pallets of water in a Hyster....

    Give that lot a spin as food for thought.
  11. Does anyone know if the RAF have a 1.5 mile run time? or what the selection is like? From what I hear and the people I have spoken to, they are no way as good as The Royal Marines or Paras.
  12. RAF selection fitness is a bit odd compared to army fitness. For example RAF pressups only go halfway down, but you're not allowed to take a rest (you have to do 40 in a single set).

    Dunno about regiment, but on their equivalent of ADSC, they do bleep test rather than 1.5 mile. Standards are broadly similar.

    I spoke to a regiment gunner. He said that because the reg gets a lot of hassle from the Army about it's skills and drills, there's an extra motivation to get good. A lot of them feel that it's their duty to prove everyone else wrong. So in some areas the standards may be better.

    Also, another key difference between Army and RAF Reg lies in recruitment. Any natural-born-steely-eyed-dealer-of-death is likely to join the infantry. In addition to these nutters, some people who join the infantry do so without a great deal of thought.
    No-one accidently stumbles into the raf reg, nor is it a particularly attractive option for the SEDD crowd, so the mix of individuals will be slightly different to infantry.

    Keeping all that in mind, if I were you, I'd join the Army. It's much better.
  13. Using the Proword *No WAH*

    Can you reference that statistic for me?

    How and why is it physically and mentally harder?

    Have you served in Afghanistan?

    Stick to facts not rumours.

    Kills and body counts mean absolutely nothing.

    The Regiment do a very good job out in theatre; however it is different job to an Infantry Company in a Battle Group. Your naivety is quite evident.

    To the original poster, read the threads on this site, digest them with a pinch of salt and have a really good think about what you want to achieve, then start looking at career choices, it will do you favours in the long run.