Help me argue with Lefties who see no threat in an Iranian bomb

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. The dullards elsewhere pretend that Irans desire to go Nuclear is not an issue. I think they'd use it to destroy Israel.

    Can I have some quick notes as to other reasons why Iran should not be allowed this capability, examples of their actions ( I know about EFPs ) etc etc


  2. Iran going nuclear? i think Israel will use it to destroy Iran..........
  3. BB. Accepting all the "reasons" why Iran shouldn't be allowed to develop nuclear facilities. Why have "we" (with our bombs) the right to stop them? Especially when half the Indian sub-continent seems to have nukes.
  4. Who are you trying to persuade, your G.P?

    Bit early to be tapping him up for a sick note isn't it?
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  5. You want to convince people but don't have the arguments at hand to do so? Good luck.

    Or is this one of your "classic-fishing-for-a-bite-thread"?
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  6. Compared to the existing nuclear powers in the region Iran getting the bomb isn't that worrying. The mere fact that Pakistan has the bomb should keep everyone awake at night and their alleged links to the Saudis are hardly calculated to make one feel any better. Then of course there's India, but if I lived next door to Pakistan I'd want some security too.

    And don't forget the Israelis of course, if you've ever been to Masada or talked to people in the IDF about the oath they swore on top of it as dawn came up you'd realise that while they probably wouldn't start a nuclear exchange they would end it by firing off their entire stockpile. There's no way the current Iranian regime is that stupid.

    The real reason Iran wants the bomb is that nuclear powers (eg North Korea) get treated with respect; non-nuclear powers (eq Iraq) get turned into Washington's bitch if and when Washington chooses. The US are currently busy of course, but as they pull out of Iraq and AFG it frees up troops for some other damn fool intervention. The Iranians would rather it wasn't them. Of course the real deterrent against that is the ability to surge the IRGCN and block the Straits.

    The real threat to Israel is a perception that a real threat exists, leading to the economy disappearing as reservists are called up for extensive periods and mass emigration sucks people and capital out.
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  7. I've had BB on ignore for quite a while, but removed him from the ignore list to see what he'd posted........ He's going back on ignore.
  8. Liar.

    OOTS - thank you.
  9. If the people you're arguing against are CND types, call them out on their hypocrisy. If they disapprove of the proliferation of nuclear weapons, why are they happy for Iran to proliferate nuclear weapons? The West (and Russia. And Pakistan. And India. And China.) already have the Bomb and it's not going to go away - that stable door slammed open a long time ago. They can, however, stop the further spread of these destructive weapons... so why are they being so selective in their condemnation?

    A fair proportion of the people who publicly advocate "nuclear disarmament" believe nothing of the sort, but use it as a thin mask to disguise their anti-Americanism.
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  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    and of course you can always refer said 'Lefties' to this article from a US based group called the Wisconsin Project :

    Israel: Plutonium Production

    There ...that should put the Leftist, blatantly anti-Israeli (and therefore PROBABLY ) schmucks back in their tiny-minded

    Q. Which country on the planet is currently perceived by a majority of cat owners to be the greatest threat to " world peace " ?

    Answers on a postcard......

    HINT: it isn't North Korea, Iran or China.......
  11. Why? Are they in a position of power and able to act on the issue?

    Or do you just have nothing better to do than argue with people who clearly are never going to change their minds?
  12. I'd support the lefties on this one (being a leftie myself).

    Look at it from Iran's perspective: to the NE they have American Troops, whose Governmental aim is to brand them as an axis of evil and destroy them; to the E they have a country who is nuclear armed, not particularly stable, and you have a suspicion that they'll use the eastern half of you country as somewhere to retreat into as they fight (and loose) the next war with their (nuclear armed) neighbours; to the NW you have yet more American Troops; to the W you have a series of countries whose brand of Islam is inimical to your own, and who host American Troops and have called for your country to be destroyed. Within ICBM range you have a nuclear armed state whose more rabid right wing is calling for your destruction 'just in case'.

    Compare and contrast with a country like N Korea, who is treated with respect, despite behaving much more badly than you. Toss in the pride of a country that used to rule a large part of the Middle East and Central Asia, and you have a leadership that wants to be respected, and have some measure of regional power.

    Whilst it might sound cool to invade/destroy/attack Iran, frankly they're acting rationally, and in this case jaw-jaw is better than war-war.

    Just in case someone is willfully dull, Israel has a right to exist, probably within the 1960 borders, and they do have valid security concerns.
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  13. The rules of MAD will ensure Israels survival its one thing to persuade some fuckwit just out of nappies that martyrdom is the fast track to Allahs right hand but its another matter knowing your 20 minutes away from being turned into air pollution if you press the big red button.
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Well well. A rational view from the ARRSE. Just when you think you have seen it all.

    Ah, my dinner jacket is the gob-off front of Iran. A bit like Khrushchev in the old USSR (but he has yet to take his shoe off and bang it on the table). The Revolutionary Guards, one hopes, are the SA. The latest Khomeini is really only interested in doing the Godless Sunni up the back passage which leaves the question... Given that Iraq has historically been more West friendly than some of its neighbors, who are our chums in the regime?

    Sorry to drift off-thread there. In answer to the original posters question... when debating with Hippies, dont bother. Tell them you have a secret recipe for Mu Tea, smuggled out of China by Shaolin Monks but it has been smuggled out on micro-fiche. So they will need to lean in close to see it. Unhook the crowbar from where it has been hanging off of the inside left sleeve of your jacket and twat the ****. Their children will thank you.
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