Help me ALS! Hit and Run in UK

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Eligius, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. Ok, here's a conundrum. Whilst back in the UK from Fally I was involved in an RTA where the other driver left the scene straight away. I was stopped at lights and he whacked me from behind. I managed to get his registration and called the police immediately who attended and took all the relevant details.

    Now for the tough bit. It's going to cost over a grand to sort my wheels, and AXA (German car insurance) aren't interested in helping my claim (it's some Germany thing). Clearly I want to claim on that scumbag's insurance, but the rozzers won't tell me anything (Data protection etc).

    Does anyone have any experience of this kind of thing, or any tips for sorting this bloody mess out?
  2. Don't know why this is, the 'collision' booklet we use has two tear out pages to hand to the respective drivers with the details of the other driver on. Data protection, smata protection, if your invovled in an RTC you are required to stop and provide these details to anyone requiring them. (What happens if we have more than two drivers you ask? We use a second book.)

    Section 170(4) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and Schedule 2 to the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988.

    On **(..SPECIFY DATE..) at **(..SPECIFY TOWNSHIP..) being the driver of a mechanically propelled vehicle namely **(..SPECIFY VEHICLE MAKE AND INDEX NUMBER..) owing to the presence of which on a

    (B)_[public place]_

    namely **(..SPECIFY ROAD OR PUBLIC PLACE AND LOCATION..) an accident occurred whereby

    (C)_[personal injury]_

    was caused to

    (E)_[another person,]_
    (F)_[another vehicle,]_
    (G)_[an animal not in or on that vehicle or a trailer drawn by it,]_
    (H)_[property forming part of the land on which the road was situated or land adjacent to it,]_

    failed to stop and on being required by a person having reasonable grounds for so requiring failed to give your name and address and the name and address of the owner and the identification marks of the vehicle

    PENALTY - Six months imprisonment and / or a fine not exceeding level five on the standard scale.

    Obligatory endorsement - licence endorsed five to ten penalty points.

    Time limit for prosecutions:
    6 months
  3. A fairly simple case of 'failing to stop' and 'failing to report'! . I would go back to the OIC and ask him for a SITREP. Explain the problem to him and be polite. Ask for advice on where to go next with this. It may well be that the geezer has no insurance, hence the 'run' bit. If this is true and the case goes before a court you may well get awarded damages (neck starting to play up is it?). In my experience however, most scrotes who don't have insurance, end up being compelled to pay at the good old council house rate of 50p a week. If you find out who he is, you could always pursue the git through small claims. Failing ALL that try these folks:

    Meanwhile, if your Insurance Co are not playing, one would question whether you are actually insured at all for UK driving. Is it your type of insurance or simply that they don't insure for UK driving? I would do some serious digging on that one.

    Best of luck mate

  4. ALS sounds to me like you are being 'knobbed off' there. I am putting my cynical head on now but the bobby dealing may just be trying to get rid of the file as Traffic accidents or RTC's (road traffic collisions). Can be a pain in the arse to deal with, eg tracking down drivers, owners , insurance details etc etc. It is a lot easier for the bobby involved to get rid of the file if it is a Damage Only. Get in touch with him (is your neck/shoulders sore yet????? :wink: ) and update him/her. If I was dealing with it I certainly wouldn't be spouting Data Protection blah blah. I cant see the problem in telling you 'yeah we traced the driver, he she is/is not insured' obviously they wouldn't provide the drivers details, ie name address to you , in case you went round and filled them in, but they can supply them to your insurance company to 're-claim' .

    If all else fails make an official complaint either to the force or you can do it on line to IPCC, this may just 'kick' the bobbys arse into action, sorry mate but and I'm being cycnical here , the Police is sadly full of lazy fcukers who will 'knob' the public off at the drop of a hat. Mainly because the work load is intense......... :(