HELP! Lost wages!

My hubby (lcpl) and i are being posted to Germany, we've 4kids. The problem is im set to lose about £300 per week in wages when i finish work, we cant afford to lose this amount of money as it is used for bills, food etc. My hubby was a late joiner (29yrs old) and this is our 2nd posting. We were only given 5wks notice and on top of that my eldest girl is about to take her finals...any help would be gratefully received :(
First response is something I'm sure you have heard "If you can't take a joke - don't join"
Your choice doubtless but the high level of fecundity on a Lcpl's wage is hardly responsible.
Re the lost wages - no one owes you a living.
Re the kid's exam - these can be taken elsewhere
Suppose the answer is slide into the Ron Hills and trot off down to the Social. Otherwise, if your hubby has a juicy bit of scandal about his job - send him off to the scum.
As you may have guessed - not a lot of sympathy. You are not the first and doubtless will not be the last.
Signed - a friend
Nat2K, I am sure i have read in a DCI somewhere that you have a flexibility of 3-6(?) months around your posting date to stay in your MQ for circumstances such as your kids about to take their exams etc. Cant remember which DCI and cant be arrsed to look, but your hubby should be able to find it.

Regarding the wage dependency, LOA should go some way to reducing the impact but as said in previous posts it was fairly irresponsible to have been dependant on your wage knowing the nature of the job your husband does. :roll:
I am quite sure that Local Overseas Allowance (LOA) is far more than £300, especially with 4 kids, so don't worry about money. Anyone got a link to the pay review with the new rates?

Germany is a cracking place, so be happy with it and look at the positive points about a move.

Enjoy, u lucky bugger, wish I could go back out again :lol:
The LOA should make up the £300, plus there are jobs for dependants in Germany. The wages are tax free too, and not all the jobs are cleaning the NAAFI bogs.

As for SFA, contact you wefare office, your daughters school, the Service Childrens Education Authority all for letters of justification to retain your current SFA until the exams are done. Then send all these to DHE so they can extend your stay. Hubby will be on a married unaccompanied posting, and live in the singly accomodation until such time as you join him out there and get SFA. Not sure how it works in Germany, but in the UK he would get an allowance to pay for him travel home twice a month in similar circumstances. His pay office SHOULD know. Downside he'll have to pay food and accomodation, which is next to nothing anyway.

Hope all this helps. Why the RLC forum for this post by the way? Welfare would have got a better response. Good luck and don't let them pull the wool over your eyes.
Thanks to all for your advice :)
As for being 'irresponsible' I have actually been in my job LONGER than my hubby has been in the forces so that comment was totally uncalled for and not needed
As it's a short notice posting you're entitled to keep the quarter until exam time has passed. You're also entitled to travel over at public expense when you do eventually move the quarter even if your husband is already over in Germany. The pay guys might try to fob him off for a second travel claim or trooping flight: they're wrong direct them to RAAC Ch 4.

If your other half is over in Germany He'll get the Married Unaccompanied rate of LOA plus an allowance called MUSA (£5.39 a day) to cover the cost of flights back to see you. Financially you're way better off on the Married Accompanied rate of LOA. Don't have rates to hand but I'd guess around £25-30.00 a day for four children. Don't quote me on this as I haven't been in Germany for a while.

Sorry for the dull pay clinic RLC guys and gals but I'm reallly bored at the moment. Hope this helps. :roll:
As one who frequents the food isle regularly, I'd like to qualify the cost comment.

If you want to buy Hovis Bread, HP Sauce, Mc Vities biscuits or any "traditional" British fayre :roll: you will find it is more expnsive at the German shops and some only available at the NAAFI. General stuff e.g. fruit, veg, meat, bread, rice, pop, etc i.e. generic food, then it is cheaper by far to use the local shops. :lol:

In the first post, the wage that would be missed was 300GBP per week, not month so LOA is unlikely to cover it. :? However there is :lol: Tax free fuel, beer fags and TV, the 1/4s are usually bigger, F&L is cheaper, no car tax (though a C*nt of a BFG system to fight), more to see and do, and a better family atmos ('cos not everyone fecks off home at the W/e) :lol:

Unlike some, I'll offer my sympathy. I quite like Germany but Mrs Fatblerk (who is not Fat nor a Blerk!) is not so keen and would like a career as well. Hopefully your skills will transfer and the GLSU can find you decent job - but don't hold your breath! :wink:
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