HELP! Lost wages!

My hubby (lcpl) and i are being posted to Germany, we've 4kids. The problem is im set to lose about £300 per week in wages when i finish work, we cant afford to lose this amount of money as it is used for bills, food etc. My hubby was a late joiner (29yrs old) and this is our 2nd posting. We were only given 5wks notice and on top of that my eldest girl is about to take her finals...any help would be gratefully received :(
Your hubby will get £300 + in LOA so that will sort out your wages. You can apply for three months retention of your quarter due to hubby getting six weeks or less notice to move. So you stay where you are for 3 months while Daughter takes exams and then move over ?
ViciousCircle said:
plus you will get extra German child allowance.
we've 4kids
Yer laffing pet. No really! You'll make a ton up on the Kindergeld, plus the LOA, add to that a NAAFI job if you fancy getting one (staff discount) and you'll be more than sorted.

Dont worry, you'll be fine!
It would be a very rare case for any family not to make up 300 quid a month on posting to Germany. But with 4 kids you are well on your way to being one of the 'filthy rich'. Not to mention cheap fags, fuel coupons, no TV licence (plus a refund if you've already paid up for the year!) and no road tax you really are laughing.

My main bit of advice is that you should start saving money as soon as you get to BFG. You are going to need it when you get posted back to the UK and suddenly find you are heading back to reality. Then you are going to be complaining about loosing money!
I think you've misunderstood or i haven't explained it well..probably the latter. My wage loss is nearly £300 weekly not monthly
Tell your man to go out unaccompanied !!! Then you can keep your wages and the kids, and he can blow his dough on cheap booze and fags !! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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