Help! JPA payment till 01 Jan 51?

I have had a quick squint at my pay on Armynet to get a warm fuzzy feeling of my Op bonus going in.

Joy of joys, it has.

More worryingly there is also a payment from 01 Dec 09 - 01 Jan 51.
Can JPA cope with '10' (I know there is an issue with some banks in Germany at the moment) or has some clerk hit the wrong key with their head dobber?

I am currently abroad (there is a clue where in this post) and have access to neither my normally very helpful clerks or JPA to ask.

I am entitled to a payment (You get money for that. Do I? Whack it on then!) but I am not sure of the amount and whether it will be ongoing or a one off. Helpful I know.

And yes, I will leave it well alone untill I get an answer.

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