Help, Ive got no ARRSE !!!!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by saintstone, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. I seem to be having a problem accessing Arrse at home on my lappy. I've cleared all the cookies, deleted all history and had a clean out of programmes I never use that came with the laptop ( Ebay, BT Internet services, Orange Internet and the like) I've tried Mozilla(latest version) and IE, still to no avail, please help :(
  2. Have you called your ISP?
  3. Could be tricky, I use someone else's wireless (naughty I know) but I can access all other internet goodies such as porn, er porn, oh and porn or anything else, just not Arrse.
  4. Before I got made redundant I worked for a banks tech support department and sometimes peoples ISPs would 'block' the site - there's probably a more technical term come to think of it.

    They'd call the ISP and they would normally repair the line or do some fancy technothingamajiggy and it'd work again.

    Obviously as you say, it may be difficult when you sponge of your neigbours router (good drills by the way).
  5. The rightful owner probably realises you're piggy backing off his connection and blocked ARRSE.
  6. Try unplugging your wireless router then plug it back in.

    Worked for me when my bank login page was blocked.
  7. It's not his router...

    I suppose you could go round your neighbours and ask him to do this to his router?
  8. I had exactly the same prob about a year ago, Saintstone, and it was doin' me dumplin' in!. One of my brothers (who's an IT god) fixed it for me in that he apparently went into Firefox and ticked some boxes. After that, I never had any difficulties.

    I just nodded sagely when he explained to me what he'd done in detail, but, in truth, I didn't have a fückin' clue what he was talking about. Maybe other ARRSE IT whizzes can enlarge on that.

    Any help?

  9. Browse to his router using IE and reset it. I'd put money on his router having the default admin password if he hasn't set security on his wireless!
  10. I had this problem a while ago, and the only way I cured it was to unplug the router.
    Looks like you're fcuked unless you stump up for your own account!
  11. And see if he minds turning his t.v toward the window :p
  12. While you are there ask if you can have a go on his wife/daughter/mum.
  13. at the same time??? he may be offended by that........ try asking for them seperately, judge his respnses and then casually drop in the 4sum idea :D
  14. Ask him to reset his wireless first though, you wouldn't want to upset him. You pikey!!!!!!!
  15. Might as well ask you cheap skate. :p :p :pc: :boogie: