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How do I go about getting the system to provide a dentist to check the dental health of TA blokes who are about to be mobilised. I don't need them treated, just a pointer as to what treatment is required to make them "dentally fit" as per the Chilwell dictionary. It will be up to the blokes to get themselves sorted by the time they have to report to RMTC. I've heard too many tales of blokes being sacked at Chilwell for lack of dental fitness and I don't want this to happen to any of the blokes selected from my callsign.

I've tried to make enquiries today but have had no joy, possibly because it's friday and thus the "weekend".
Contact, Defence Dental Agency Training Establishment
(DDATE) Evelyn Woods Road, Aldershot, Hants.

As the HQ & main training centre for the RADC they should be able to point you in the right direction.


It must be 40-50% of TA and Resevists are borderline dental failures- I was, apparantly my trench mouth would last the six months and not cause me any probs! But the dentist did ask if I wanted to go, and if I didnt then she would fail me!

Now I am out here, I can get my estimate and get my gob sorted!

Its a sad indictment on the NHS that 42% of the population cannot find a dentist they want, ie nearer than 50 miles away! Thats why TA punters fail their dental inspection as half dont even have a dentist!


Pox Dr.,

Thanks mate - I'll drop them a line


You clearly understand my concern. Knew a couple of blokes that got sacked off Telic 1 for this, one of whom had kicked his job into touch to go.

I got mine sorted at the earliest opportunity - 6 teeth, damn near 600 quid. As a result I'm trying to persuade my 12 year old to develop an interest in dentistry instead of plumbing or stock broking. It looks like he is going to be my pension plan given the way Gordon is rapidly shagging what I've got in place at the moment.

If you need more information the person you need to speak to is:

Director Clinical Services
Defence Dental Agency
MOD Buildings
RAF Halton
HP22 5UG

Go to the following web site for links and look for DDA

The DDA are under a lot of financial pressure at the moment as they have just given all their officers between 15k - 30k pay rises and so their resources are very limited. Before this if a TA person was on active duty they had a remit to provide ALL treatment. Now I am afraid money is short so they may enforce the regulations. But you could write to DGAMS or the Surgeon General who owns the DDA and make them treat your men.

Hope this helps


Many thanks, GP3B,

Therein lies the difficulty: TA blokes are getting sacked at the final point of entry on being taken into full time active duty and thus before the obligation to treat them.

As I said before, all I want is an army dentist to give them a once over so they can go and find (and pay for) their own treatment to bring them up to the army definition of dental fitness. Heard of one soldier who got his teeth sorted at great expense privately yet was still binned by Chilwell on the grounds of dental fitness.
Military dental services are short of dentists; not, I suspect because of the pay rise, but because as with doctors the military does not offer any advantage over civilian practice.

This really is an appalling way to treat (or indeed to not treat), volunteer reservists. Another example of this government's cavalier attitude to the military.

I feel sure this story would be of interest to the press - are you reading this Jake?
Im now going to put a spanner in the works, i work for NHS direct and we are getting calls from TA soldiers who are in a flap now trying to find an NHS dentist, so that they can be declared dentally fit to go out to the Gulf.
The reason they are looking is not because the Military dentists wont see them, its because some bright spark in their infinite wisdom have told these guys that all Military dentists are butchers and they will be worse of than when they started, i know there is a National Shortage of denists NHS and Private i tell people everday as part of my job. It dosnt help though when these guys are screaming at me because that they cant be seen by an NHS dentist just because some prat has put the fear of god into them over Military dentists.
Lets go back to basics there is no backdoor for dentists to sneak into the Military half qualified without a clue as to what they are doing. They all do exactly the same study and training as their civvie counterparts.
And your getting the treatment for free.

I agree that military dentists are generally well qualified and caring. However, due to the shortages of military GDPs quite a lot of locums have been employed.

Again, some of them are fine, but I am aware that, just as in medicine, there are those who end up on the locum circuit because they can't get permanent work for one reason or another. Some of these dentists can be pretty ropey. Just because they have qualifications which are accepted by this country doesn't necessarily make them good dentists! I had a particularly challenging exchange with a locum once whose command of English was somewhat lacking and whose treatment options were limited. Luckily I was able to bypass him and see the SDentO, but 'twas a near thing.

Anyway, I think the thrust of this thread is that the military dentists won't treat the TA before they are on active service, and they can't start active service because they aren't dentally fit....
To throw another spanner in the works

The Defence Dental Agency was I Believe set up so that it can provide the resources as and when required by the Service community. Also I was of the understanding that since they are pushing to become a full “Trading Agency” – the next step is complete civilianisation – unless you can prove me wrong. They (the DDA) have the ability to provide treatment to our TA. Or is it because their Headquarters is full of DENTISTS who are desk bound and should be in the surgery treating patients, coupled with most if not all their Principal dental officers and SDentO's are 75% admin - not 75% clinical as the DDA will have you believe

As for the LOCUM point I have to fully agree – mind you nearly ALL the CDPs are EX Service dentists – what does that tell YOU
GP3_Bunny said:
Or is it because their Headquarters is full of DENTISTS who are desk bound and should be in the surgery treating patients, coupled with most if not all their Principal dental officers and SDentO's are 75% admin - not 75% clinical as the DDA will have you believe
Sorry to deviate but I think the grey mafia fid themselves in the same boat. Cry out as they are short of clinical nursing staff on the wards and deployments yet how many are doing staff jobs when they could be nursing which after all is what they trained to do and joined for surely. The RADC has DSO's can they not be used for the desk jobs, should the QA's think about reinstating their admin posts therefore giving opportunity for commision into thier corps for others, apart from nurses nurses.
In reply as one female OF5 (COL) said to me in the Mess the DSO's and ORs are - Our play things, they can never be on equal footing to use dentists. I call this elitist short minded dinosaurs – as for the DSO side of life she also said we do not want an intelligent support officer who can question our motives. Yes this was really said and no I am not sexing up the story like another reporter.

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