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ok i have a problem. i am a Bahamian national and is planning on joining the army by late 2011-early 2012. but i am also planning on getting married within the next 3 years. i know that i can live in the UK problem free as long as i am in the army but what about my wife? she is neither in the army or British so will she be able to live with me on base or must i find some other way for her to live with me? any answers would be greatly appreciated.

also we are both Bahamian (commonwealth nationals)
As long as you are legitimately married then your wife can live harrassment free on an Army MQ estate.
If there is no reason to suspect that the Marriage Cert has been forged or you are intending to start up a Crack producing business based in yer MQ then there is not a chance of a problem.
Will swap you my location for yours ... It rains allot here even in the summer ..... Which was yesterday by all accounts ..... Oh and best of British when you decide to join :0)


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I think they are so desperate now they are giving away green cards in return for service then a shot at citizenship, some units are like the foreign legion.


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they have recruiting sargeants cruising the southern malls looking for kids who can walk talk and read. they know its probably most of these kid's only chance at college is the GI bill. provided they get back in one piece.

the south also has some of the biggest guard formations because of the free healthcare which also allows them to be called up.

not much different to us accepting commonwealth applicants and ghurkas as brit kids either arent interested or useless. cant remember if its fiji or tonga but money sent home is the biggest earner outside of international aid. we get a lot of africans but cant remember which country.

Cant confirm it but I think you would be eligable to apply to the australian defense forces as well under the same commonwealth thing. certainly worth asking at any rate.


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well you can get some practise in by cooking in the under stairs cupboard.

there arent so many aussie subs and their crews are small but they are reportedly very good now despite being hideously over budget and leaky at first (not just us then).

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