Help is needed (especially from our Israeli friends)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. Few minutes ago a chief editor of Radio 'Echo of Moscow' (a liberal pro-Western Radio that I adore) sounded my question that was sent via internet:

    Do you know about even one terror act committed by Hezbollah recent 10 years?

    Mr.Venedictov (chief editor) sharp-minded, very intelligent person (former school teacher and Jewish btw) answered that 'if I use internet then I should find it myself' and that 'I have an abberation of conscience'. Maybe but... do you know an answer to my question?
  2. Not wishing to make Mora's points for her, but surely indiscriminate rocket attacks on non-military targets counts as terrorism? To argue otherwise just seems like playing with semantics to me.
  3. It is apparently anti-Semitic answer. Do you suggest that IDF is an army of terrorist?
  4. I'd have thought that killing one Israeli soldier and kidnapping 2 others would count as a terrorist act. And it's the one which sparked off this recent sh*t.
  5. Two countries are ina state of war. Armed persons from one side crossed the border, killed some soldier (not defenceless civilians) and captured two POWs. It is a typical military operation.
  6. Let's look at this source closely

    Again it looks like a military operation.

    Sorry Mora but I asked about HEZNOLLAH.

    Mora. first of all they are Israeli sources, that are naturally biased. And bombing in Argentina happened in 1994. But I asked about alleged terror acts committed in recent 10 years.

    And was Hezbollah really involved in the bombing? It is your second source:

    As you see there are only allegations that Iran was involved in the bombing and Hezbollah hasn't been even mentioned.

    So sorry Mora, your examples are not good ones.
  7. KGB resident your twisting of the facts, wordplay and propaganda is very errm.......russian. :lol:
  8. Thank you Mark!

    Some there (I hope very few) still think that I'm not Russian.

  9. You think that they were members of Hezbollah but according to Haaretz

    As for the firefight then it could happen in Kibutz for many reasons. Probably the militants were spotted namely there. Anyway if was a battle between armed men with possible collateral damage.
  10. Mark for some reason perhaps, because I have seen too many episodes of 24 , I have this image of a 24 like set located deep in the bowels of the Kremlin with a team of FSB's best and brightest mulling over each comment posted and constantly looking for just the right article to post for operation Sergey. In the back ground ,dimly lit for some reason, is the shadowy figure of Mr Big directing this operation. Unfortunately the beautiful but evil Natasha is always working on some other operation.

    So just remember it is a whole team of highly paid Russians ,twisting facts, using word play and disseminating propaganda, no one person could manage to do it all. :wink:
  11. haha :lol:

    Its not entirely implausable that a russian agent could be posting on the british army's (unofficial) forum spreading anti-British/US/isreali propaganda

    Though why would he call himself KGB Resident (perhaps its a double bluff)

    Its far too hot to wear a tinfoil hat :lol:
  12. The Red Army used to have an English Language magazine called somehting like "Red Army News" full of tips for English uspeaking users ot T72s etc. One of its subscribers was G2 Int HQ I B R Corps. Was this bluff or double bluff?
  13. well i think it would be very nieve to think that russians/chinese/muslim fundamentalists weren't at least monitoring this website.

    not tinfoil hat at all, just good sense, ive seen posts on the capability and short comings of bowmen and the sa80a2 amongst others that really need not have been there.

    this is a serious point im making, though my sugestion that sergey was KGB was tongue in cheek.
  15. Except that Hezbollah, who I'm assuming you're referring to, isn't a national government or part of the official Lebanese military. Granted they have a sizeable group of party members elected to the Lebanese Parliament, 23 of 128 members from what I can see, and two members sitting in the Cabinet they are not the government. So since last time I looked Lebanon's government hasn't officially decalred war on the state of Israel that still makes them a bunch of scumbag terrorists blindly firing unguided missiles into Israeli civillian areas in my humble opinion.