Help! information needed about prices in Germany :)

I am travelling to see our 96 year old Great Grandmother in Lohne near Minden, as i am taking the kids with me I am going to show them all the old haunts including my last posting Kingsley Barracks Minden.

I would really like to know the following if you could help as I have not been to germany for some years (I was last there in Germany in 1998 before the Euro).

1) Price I should pay for diesel

2) Price I should pay for a beer :)

3) Price I should pay for a bratty with pommes weiss / rot

4) Do the shops still close at 2 ish in the afternoon on a Saturday?

And any other useful advice would be gratefully recieved.
i was there in 98 and i dont remember being able to haggle over the price of beer or diesel! dont expect it to be cheap like 98 though, the euro has pushed prices right up.

shops still close early, about 4 and not open on sundays still.


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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh minden!


kingsley......The Shack................macs bar............. Bad O............

1. Don't know, Have coupons.

2. Couple of Euros tops.

3. Ditto.

4. Yes.
I don't know when you are leaving for your trip, but thought I would reply:

Diesel: 1.02 euro approx per litre (I know because I got caught by an aral garage - formerly BP - that didn't take vouchers!), but expect to pay up to 1.25

Beer - 1.50-2.00 depending on where you are drinking....and if you are taking the children I expect you really want to know the price of coke as well....ok it is the same (and I don't know how old your children are!). Mind you in some places it is cheaper to drink beer than water.

Pommes - depends where you eat them again - but up to 2 euro in bratty stand

Shops do not all close at 2pm. Some now open until 4 or 6 and some supermarkets until 8. The small bijou shops still close at 12.30 and have a half day depending on the town either Wed or Thurs.

One big thing to remember is that CREDIT CARDS ARE A NO NO in many places. Even some of the larger shops will only take cash. There are plenty of money machines to dig into, but your bank will not only charge a withdrawal fee but a conversion fee as well - so stock up your wallet.

Have a great trip.
Thank for the info, I am off on the 22nd driving overnight to arrive the 23rd, took one bit of advice offered earlier and I am travelling Norfolk Line Dover - Dunkirk.

Thanks for the advice on the credit cards !!!


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