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Discussion in 'Medals' started by Idrach, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. Can anybody recognise this medal? Sorry about the poor picture quality but Mrs I seems not to know how to use the zoom function on her camera.

    I've looked in the usual sources, both of real stuff and the bling merchants but can't find (this may just be me being incompetent, of course) anything similar. It is being worn on the right breast of an RAF No1 tunic!

    I did look at the official right breast medals - the St John Lifesaving, Royal Humane Society and RNLI - and it isn't any of those.
  2. Association of Chief Ambulance Offices Service Medal?
  3. Seems to be. Thanks. So definitely not a right breast medal. It also doesn't appear in the current "order of wear" and it appears to have been around for some time. Anybody know whether it is authorised for wear left breast?
  4. Spot on....for future ref

    British Ribbon List
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  5. It might not be his, so worn on the right
  6. If he was in plain clothes at a remembrance event, yes. In uniform you only wear your own medals, surely?

    Edited to add: and I'm not sure that it is any more authorised for wear in uniform than the PJMM or my Kuwait and Saudi medals for Granby.
  7. Nope. You can wear your dads/grandpas on the right
  8. Err, no you can't. Not in uniform (and, by extension, not in plain clothes if you are serving) - 2006DIN10-002 para 19:

  9. Not authorised for wear in service dress. It shouldn't be on there, either left, right or pinned to his trousers.
  10. Really? I stand corrected, I thought you could with permission.
  11. One of the fellas I did phase 1 with had them on his at his wedding day (TA)
  12. People do do some awfully strange things to distract themselves from the awful mistake they are making ...