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Help in identifying odd item, please

Can anyone tell me what this lot is?


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hook line and sinker
I'm assuming this has something to do with the medals thread, which people were saying was a windup from almost day 1


Can anyone tell me what this lot is?

I bet you spent weeks meticulously planning this little barrage of Wind-ups for Arrse, can picture you stood in front of a flip-chart in front of (your now non-existent family) black and red permies in your hand, mission planning how to deal with the "difficult ones" amongst us, your (droll) tactical feeds, and culminating in your extraction, the form of this mind-numbingly tedious thread Finale, so we all bang ourselves on our backs and josh "Old BB, he s such a laugh, no, really, you should have been there right, no I cried, I just cried,yeh,it was funnier at the time............................"

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