Help in finding someone...

Right, I am a Gunner, but don't hold it against me!

I am not sure that this is the right area for this post, but it is worth a shot.

My Dad was in a military hospital in 1970 (best expertise available, he wasn't military) and in the bed next to him was a Cpl. He has asked me if there is any way of tracing this old army pal. I said I would try here for him.

If I wanted to find this bloke/get info about his whereabouts on behalf of my old man and his mucker (they all became mates apparently), how would I do that?

I am assuming he was an Engineer as a fascine fell of his "tank" and crushed him when he was on the dozer blade - I am assuming it was an engineer vehicle, but maybe someone can correct me here too.

He would have been in the Royal Cambridge Military hospital between July and Sept 1970 and was a Corporal at the time - Cpl D**** H***. I am assuming he is no longer in because a Cpl in 1970 would have to be a pretty long in the tooth LE Lt Col or something now to still be serving!

Thanks in anticipation and sorry if this is in completely the wrong place!
this bloke was my first staffy in the fatherland....check your PM's 8)

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