Help in finding an MM citation

Discussion in 'Canada' started by DFS/TFS, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. I wondered if anyone would be able to give a good steer in the direction of (if these are even available) MM citations for The Great War. I've all the info you would need for a search but could use some advice on where to target my search specifically. Thanks in advance.
  2. What have you tried so far?
  3. In most cases WW1 Military Medals were awarded without citations. After some battles they were dished out on a quota basis.
  4. The only thing close to a citation my family has for my Great-Grandad's MM came out of the local press.

    A potential balls-ache admittedly - but perhaps worth a shot depending on how badly you want it.
  5. There were so many issued during WW1 that they weren't generally published. Some seem to have been issued with actual written citations but in my experience they are only found in the possession of the recipient (or their family) rather than in the London (and others) Gazettes. Local newspapers might contain a copy of the citation too. You may also find something in amongst a service record, of course that's if the record exists, considering what happened to most of them during WW2.

    I'd suggest you check the Gazettes to see if you can find a date for the award and then use this date to search the local newspaper archives to see if there's a mention of him receiving the award.
  6. Thanks for the replies lads. I've looked at a few Canadian Great War sites but as is understandable they admit to being very much work in progress. I've gathered that the London Gazette is a no go as he was a jnco, but the local press route sounds like a good starting point.

    I have the Portsmouth address for his English sister but reckon if the award was relatively common, as some site forums suggest, an award to a foreign national may not make the paper. More digging required on my part I think. Time to fork out for a subscription to Ancestory.

    Thanks again