Help in Dussledorf

:roll: Do't know if ayone can help me on this one, I'm off to Dusseldorf in March for a stag do.

Now i'm a certified pad-brat (still have my yellow ticket) and when the old man was based with BOAR, Dussledorf was known as the Milton Keynes of Germany, sterile and boring!

Anyone have any ideas as to where a young chap (who has forgone the military) can get pissed and laid?



PS. Dad if your reading this i'd agree, your too old and bold (sorry bald) to offer any sensible advice.
There are plenty of pubs to drink in Dusseldorf, especially beside the Rhine and close to the harbour area (Haven).

As prostitution is legal in Germany, if you can't chat up any of the women (or blokes) then get a taxi to any of the brothels.

If you say "Bitte mir fahren zum puff", the driver will take you there.
I was based down the road in Krefeld 94-97 and we used to go to Duss for nights out. We used to go the the alt stadt which is a street full of pubs and clubs. There is a tram station near by too. As for getting laid, just remind the local girls that we won the war and they will be dying to go back to your place for a bit of hows your father.

Have a good one.
Just make for the Altstadt - loads of bars and restaurants in a smallish area. Make sure you book accom before you go - if your visit coincides with a show at the Messe you're fecked.
I was also in Krefeld from 94 to 97. The oldtown is superb with quality bars and clubs open till around 5 am. As for the lasses well there are plenty of knocking shops if you cant be arsed with the good old fashioned way of chattin em up!!!!

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