Help! Im working (for the Army) on leave, what now?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Strike, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. I could do with a little bit of advice here.

    As we all know, being in the Army you expect a bit of a turbulent time, being bounced from tour to tour then the "other" things in between. 99% of the time i accept the way things are and grin and bear it, I even enjoy it but as i havent spent more than 3-4 weeks in camp since Dec 05 when it comes to having some down time or leave it means a hell of alot to me, hence this whinge!

    My unit is due to go on leave later this month however 13 of us have been fastballed and had our leave dates changed as there is a requirement to provide a barrack guard for a few days into the beginning of the leave period. Not a problem as weve been told we can add the days owed to the end of "our new leave dates"

    The problem is this.

    We have all been given 3 weeks or 15 working days leave, (leave apps submitted just as JPA came in) however the unlucky 13 of us on Barrack guard have been told to be back at work on a said date, which in my opinion is after 14 working days (a day shorter than everyone else)
    this wouldnt be so bad if it were for a reason but the boss man has said that although we finish out duty at 06.30 in the morning we can go straight on leave that day but......

    ive stated that we will finish dutys at 06.30 breakfast at 07.00, pack up and move out at 07.30, drive a minibus and van through central London in the rush hour, chuck weapons in the armoury, armoury check, POL and close down vehicles etc, this means that at the very earliest its going to be 10.30 -11.00 by the time i get away from the barracks! now can somebody tell that a day of leave???

    I can see where the boss is coming from as the days we have picked up dutys are the 12-15th, he says that we are on leave after dutys the 15th but being an old captain, you know the types, ex rankers, ex RSM, set in stone, he isnt having any of it.
    i see it as what it is, if i start my leave on the 16th like he says then after midnight the 6.5 hours in the guardroom and the following 4.5 hours driving the lads back and doing pre knock off admin is all during my leave, i should be at home by then, another 5-6 hour drive away.

    anyway enough ranting, my question is....what can i do about this?

    I know I am 100% right (or am i?) and that he is well, you know the type 200% right

    but is it worth getting intouch with my real boss back in the Regt and getting the clerk to give me a day of leave back?

    i know its only one day but hey, i give a hell of alot for the Army and when it comes to "MY" entitlements i wont be short changed because of the "opinion" of somebody who has clearly got things a bit wrong.

    I hope you followed all of that.
  2. Tact and diplomacy. Have you raised the possibility of returning to barracks at midday (i.e. almost exactly 15 days after the time your leave starts)? It may only seem like a couple of hours difference, but it would allow you an extra night at home, travelling back during the morning.

    Then neither you nor your boss is wrong and neither feels that he has had to back down.
  3. No offence, as i see where you are coming from, but apart from gaining a small amount of sympathy, i dont think arrse is the place to come with this sort of whinge.

    You need to take this up with your chain of command, if you get no joy with the boss you are referring to then Speak to your CSM, if you get no joy there then ask to speak to your OC. I'm sure if you approach it in the right manner you will get a result. If not then you either have to live with it or push it further, it's up to you.

    Anyway i hope you have a good leave, you sound like you need it.
  4. Thanks, i Apprieciate your reply but the only reason thins "whinge" ended up on here is that i took it up with my boss who like i say, has his own opinion on the matter and wont budge, the fact were detached from the Regiment who also happens to be on leave now makes the matter worse, by the time "my" chain of command return to work this issue will have passed and ill be left stewing that i was robbed of a another days leave.

    Bloody hell, i should cool down a bit before getting myself on here, anyway. thanks again.
  5. I sympathise mate.

    Smile sweetly as you ask the CSM for a day back (but dont whinge to him) if he doesnt give it to you then take consolation that while you were stuck in Traffic, there's guys who were stuck in a hail of bullets.

    Enjoy leave when you eventually get on it.
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Accepted but that is not the point. The point is that said bloke was one of those before this, got stiffed for guard and is asking for quid pro quo.

    Fair option is that HM (or its rep, the CSM/RSM) realises this and gives him the day back. Either that or he will be just one of the thousands with days left over at the end of the year and bugger all chance of getting them back from the system.

    That is not good management, it is crisis management. There is too much of this currently and the system needs to realise it by honouring the commitment and contract it has with its men in ensuring that days off actually mean that.

    Rant over......
  7. why not visit your local doc whilst on leave and get an 'unfit to travel' biff chit. make it at least 14 days doctor.