Help I'm off to Munster

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The Thing, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. Guys

    i'm after some advice i'm off to munster and would like to know the best providers of;

    car insurance {i am taking my own car and getting a new one at a later date}
    internet and phone
    Bank and getting a accout
    Tax free shopping
    how to get kindergeld
    and general advice about being over there

    thank you
  2. The............. HIVE
  3. Thingy - links sent via pm.

    What unit you off to? Unit welfare officer is worth phoning up and they'll send you a bucket load of info.
  4. Feck all that! Your off to Germany!

    Warsteiner, blondes with big tits and your at the heart of Europe! Happy days......... Or they were when I was 18 and single? :)
  5. MSC not far from the station, if it is still there
  6. Your joining the Irish Defence Forces?
  7. I used to love The Munsters. All I would advise is to take a good, strong hoover (I would suggest a Vax) and lots of polish as their house was in a terrible state. If all the FMQs are in a similar state your missus will be cleaning for a month!!!

    Herman was a bit strange but I always found Morticia to be strangely attractive (or was she in The Adams Family)?.
  8. Top answer! people take things to seriously these days - if you had asked about bars, discos, and stuff, your replies would have overflowed - leave all the bollocks for your misses to sort out, and get on the waz!!
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

  10. You mean Lily Munster (nee Dracula) who is also countess of Shroudshire (Hermann is the 5th Earl)...easy mistake to make they are like two peas in a pod and probably occupy one of Hermann's **** bank slots.
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  11. Munster - one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Try the Drubelkken Restaurant, arguably one of the best in the world for pan fried food, served in the pan. There's the Pinkus Brewery next door too.

    Aside from the finest beers and pubs available, and the beautiful buildings, the city is full of nubile German Students.

    Avoid the Landesmann Pub, that's where all the British scrotes go.
  12. thanks for all the advice guys
  13. Jazz bar is ace on the lash down on the side of the canal, got live music most weekends, Biggest porn shop on hammer strasse i have ever seen and again topless students sunbathing down the canal paths. Where you going Oxford of York barracks.Get a bike its a must as the whole town is set up for it.ENJOY WHILE YOU CAN!!!!!!!
  14. If you're going to York Barracks the bloke who runs the BFG car inspection place is called Gerhard. Call 7Tp Regt York Bks Bfg office BFPO 17 and tell him what car you have.
    He'll find you the BFG head lights for you for an 8 pack of Fosters Ice!

    Best posting I've had. Havanna Bar Jazz Club and the Swartz Sharfer fuckin brill!

    Sparkasse bank opposite York Bks is squaddie friendly.
  15. got back from Munster last year, you jammy b'stard!!!