Help Im in a dilema about my test at the RSC!!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Spursluv, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. Wondered if anyone can help, I am due to go to the Army Careers to arrange a date to go the the RSC (for the second time) because if I pass my test this time, my training is supposed to start in June, so I am rapidly running out of time, I need another few weeks to do some last minute fitness, well running, I have been going to the gym alot, but I have damaged my knee, just went to see the doc and he said it's nothing major just a little bit inflamed but I'm not to run on it for another 10 days to 2 weeks!!! it's the weeks I desparately needed to go out jogging, should I come clean with the Careers Office and tell them, or might it go against me having hurt my knee??? :-(
  2. Are you that far off the pace? Not sure what the test is that you have to pass. If you think you are borderline defer to a later date rather than push on with an injury and make it worse and fail...

    Suggest you start yourself off using ibuprofren (anti inflammatory, take twice a day (the medics will be on later with better advice)
  3. I'm not that great at running, I have been doing too much which is why have damaged my knee in the first place, but I think it's because I am probably a couple of pounds heavier than what I ideally should be, and I did really want 3 or 4 weeks of hard training just to make 100% sure I didn't fail again and to shed these couple of extra pounds, I did do the running, but they told me I could do with being about a minute faster than last time, and I had to work on the upper body strentgh which I have been as I'm going in as Air Despatch, trouble is I'm not sure I can defer to much later as the training is in June and god knows the next date after that is, I just don;t want them to think oh a bit of jogging and her knees givin way, how the hell would she cope in the Army!!! so I'm in a bit of a dilema really :roll:
  4. Not sure if they fail anyone on fitness grds going in but you do need to pass the APFA in trg - not sure it's a problem.

    I'd fix your knee and not push it, try low impact stuff, cycling, swimming etc..

    Does anyone know the fitness reqs?
  5. Yeah thats what I thought, I've booked off next week from work so I am going to do a weeks worth of swimming and cycling, I think I just have to go to the Army Careers arrange a date to go back to RSC and grin and bear it if it's not better, otherwise I'm going to miss June and could have anoter year to wait for all I know and I'm 28 years old now, I've only got until 29 years old and 11 months lol

    Thanks alot for your help matey, I suppose for the last week b4 my test when my knee is better I will just have to do a lot of long distance jogging to build up some last minute stamina if thats possible.
  6. Ah - no that's not possible, you'll make no appreciable gains in fitness or stamina in a week and if you try and do big distance with no build up you'll end up with stiff knackered legs. you should have done some running before you turn up so that's not a shock to your legs.

    Here's the thing - how old/good are your trainers? If your trainers are older than a year and/or were a tenner off the market throw them away and get a decent pair of cross training trainers from a proper running shop and have them fitted properly. This is important take the time and spend the money to get a good pair that fit.

    I'd suggest low impact stuff until you feel your knee injury getting better - stay on the anti infamms for the next few days. bring in some running when your knee is better, start off light, slow and short - 10 mins), warm up with a walk, startch off properly at the end. Increase your distance time by 10-20% each time you run.

    Good luck.
  7. Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it, I think you're right about the trainers, they are running ones but they are just your average highstreet Nike ones, I am going to go to a proper running shop this weekend actually, I have to do as much as I possibly can in a really short space of time as I can't really be deferred for anything longer than 4 weeks I doubt, so I just have to tread carefully and hope swimming will give me enough stamina for my test.

    Again thankyou very much :wink:
  8. When you do get back into running [after the imflamation dies] if you want to build cardio vas fitness up quickly do some fartlek training (i.e. sprint 100m jog 100m] ideally if you can do this off the road and on grass this will help lessen impact on your shins and knees. Intertwine that with a few long, steady runs and you will see the improvment quicker than just flogging it every run. The important thing to do is to get your heart into the training zone and stay there for the duration of the exercise period a heart rate monitor will help with that if you have access to one.

    Finally as someone pointed out cycling/swimming are also good, particularly swimming, in the pool you can do a wet version of the above training routine (i.e. swim sprints and long endurance swims)

    Just my ten cents worth but given your short time to RSC you want to both maximise your training but avoid injury
  9. I have been going for long runs and doing sprints every so often and i have improved my bleep test score from level 11 to level 15 in 2 months
  10. Thanks for the advice, I have had a few people saying to me now to throw in some sprinting, so that is exactly what I am going to do, thanks alot for your help, I am actually having a fitness weekend this weekend with swimming etc rahter than going out boozing for a change, I am quite looking forward to it actually, will be nice to wake up feeling spritely without hangovers etc, my knee feels better already so I am going to start some sprinting and jogging after the weekend, I'll let u know how I get on at the RSC :wink: :wink: