Help!!! Im gettin tuped but want my redandancy, what can i do???

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by larrythelamb, May 21, 2011.

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  1. Thank you anyone for reading this, hoping someone can help! I work in a factory and over 200 people are getting their redundancy. Because i work on a certain layout, (no particular skills involved just packing boxes) the company i work for is saving 40 jobs, and i am one of them! They have tendered out to another company to save 40 jobs! I would be travelling 2 hours everyday there and back. What gets me is just because i am on a certain layout they want to keep i am not getting offered my redundancy which would have been substantial, the company are shafting us completely! Because they know that no-one will go. 40 people are getting tuped while over 200 are getting their money. What can i do???? Hoping anyone can help !!!!
  2. To the ******* hole!!!

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  3. Swap with one of the guys who is being made redundant but wants to keep job?

    Have a chat with Union?

    Might be an idea if you edited your post as it is rather hard to understand.
  4. TUPED is a transfer of employees protection !!! if you can give a decent answer piss off will you mate
  5. no one will travel .....all 342 people, cheers for reply
  6. Had to Google TUPE, but I've translated your post. I think.
  7. Previous advice stands, one for the Union or an employment law solicitor (may be expensive).

    A trip to Citizen's Advice may also be helpful as they will be able to refer you to someone who will not charge like a wounded bull.

    Make sure you take all documention (original employment contract and all paperwork associated with offer to transfer) with you to any meetings.

    Hope it all works out for you.
  8. Talk to your management too. Its sometimes the case that they'd rather have people go by choice than otherwise. Although if the lay-offs are that large scale then they're alrewady braced for it.
  9. how many miles is in the hour though? are we talking motorway driving or roads with a lousy set up?

    If the latter could you cycle in or run, thus gaining fitness time.

    Is there anything else you could do en route, to prevent such a loss of time? big shop, training and education to get a better job?

    What are the options?

    Redundancy for a box folder? Can't see it being that substantial.
  10. This has just happened to me 20 field staff transferred, 60 office staff left with a very good redndancy package. Citizens advice may help but legally the company can do what they want as i have found out. good luck
  11. There is bound to be someone who is being made redundant who would rather stay,as has been said already talk to the union,and management.

    The chances are,they will let you swap,if your redundancy payment is less than the person who wants to stay it will add validity to your request,best of luck.
  12. This is why you have Union rep's, Work reps HR and all the other waifs and strays that hang around when your job is threatend. Talk to one of them face to face.

    Edit to add, that's not a facecious answer, TUPE and employment law is just that the LAW, and as such a ******* minefield. Doubtfull you will find anyone qualified to answer your questions "Over the internet!"
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  13. by do 'what they want', do you mean carry out actions that you don't agree with but they need to do in order to survive inthe private sector without going bump? You'll probably find they are doing 'what they want' within the confines of the employment contract that YOU signed.
  14. LTL,

    It is the jobs that are being made redundant or transferred under TUPE which effect those employees holding those positions at the time. I doubt an employer would permit someone to change their job within the company at this time if it would mean paying out more in redundancy payments. You could try though. Good luck.
  15. What he ^ said get loads of advice from qualified people