Help Im a COMCEN queen

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by demh, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. I must be one of the only blokes to ever DS COMCEN work, I'm doing a birds job!!!!!!

    Help me, am I turning batty boy?

    p.s. DEMH will remember to log out of a shared PC when browsing ARRSE in the future ........

    he he he
  2. no Im not signing for any priority or immediate signals, wait till monday morning
  3. Unlucky, fcuking handbag.
  4. There really isn't anything left to say... apart from you've obviously "turned" already 8O
  5. I saw your picture in the office the other day

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  6. So your in a comcen with a load of birds and you haven't even tried to bone them yet you are a mincing queer worthy of 3 para mortars
  7. BAOR COMMCEN (note the 2 "Ns") Some top fluff in there.

    Let em all out of the back gate and used to watch them stampede into the Marly......

    Better looking than the flickers in 68 Sqn, and less frightening too.

    Worked in BAOR Systems for a couple of years and it was fandabbydozy.
  8. few of the birds in the comcen in Duss were worthy of a poke
  9. You've gotta give it a go otherwise you're a big heemasex.
  10. Tech right!!!!!

    Got to admit though, all theWRAC I worked with at the big house COMMCEN (the other one) were top banana, sneaking off to the 72 hour disco and watching the girls from 68 Sqn trying to chat them up but getting nowhere.
    Didn't the 68 Sqn flickers use to bump start their earth movers with their bare hands?

  11. Good spot.

    Anything more than ZBZ 555 was always too much for me.....
  12. My bold

    Which also means that you´re surrounded by chicks :roll:
    What are you demh ? A gay bar loiterer or just an embarrassment to the trade ? :wink:

    hairyhandbag: When were you at the "other one" ? Have a feeling we may know each other. Especially if it was around the time of the 72hour discos.....
  13. 52 Hours, surely.....
  14. There used to be quite a few nice looking Commcen girls knocking about, there was some of them on my cross the t's and dot the i's course. One of them especially would have got it all over the place, not even my maroon beret could win her over though. I suspect she batted for the second eleven!