Help ID'ing a USAF medal (1962/63 - 1982/83)?

Afternoon gents. A friend of mine's father retired from the USAF, and recently passed away, and he asked for my help identifying this gong.

All information was copied with permission.

Dad's Medal - Imgur

Service History:
'62/63 - '82/83 at the following bases/stations: Winslow (AZ), Ogden (UT), Castle AFB, Thailand, Moody AFB (GA), Rhein-Main (Germany), Zweibrucken (Germany), Mtn. Home AFB (ID)

I'm guessing that the medal was earned while serving in Germany, as there's a NATO style compass?

Thanks in advance!
No idea what this could be, but I'm pretty sure it's not an official US Air Force medal. It has an all crimson ribbon and there are no official medals with all crimson ribbons on the USAF ribbon recognition chart. The closest match is the Legion of Merit, but the ribbon also has two narrow white stripes on the edge, and the medal planchett is not anything like what is shown with the NATO compass rose. Dad's medal is probably a self-awarded commemorative to remind him of his posting in FRG.

Legion of Merit medal is shown below:

Yep, I found that one during my own searching. It's not on the list of approved foreign medals, either (even though Iron Crosses are?).

Thanks though.

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