Help identifying WW2 unit on photo

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by MrDragon, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. Looking for some help please. Here is a photo of my late Gt Uncle (middle in the photo), he was in the army 1944-47. I am trying to identify the unit. The shoulder badge seems to be R.A.?.? am not sure what the divisional badge is either (looks like a cross). From what I know he was a driver and possibly R.A.O.C but not sure

    The pics look a bit small but if you click on them they seem to come up bigger.


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  2. oldbaldy

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    Cap badge looks RASC.
  3. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    In WW2? :roll:
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'm not sure about the cap badge as you can't actually see my Gt Uncle's, either its subdued or pushed up on his head (now, if I had ever worn my beret like that) and whether he is actually from the same corps as the bloke on the far right I guess we will never know.

    21st army group is what I thought for the badge but am wondering if the background should be a little lighter and can't see evidence of a sword in the middle.
  5. Is there any chance of tracing the vehicle from the number on the side?

  6. whoops meant rasc
  7. Yes RAOC did serve in WWII!

    But from Cap Badges and shade of Shoulder Title, It is RASC (Royal Army Service Corps)

    From the shades of badges on Battledress:

    RASC Title was Yellow on Navy Blue

    and what looks like a Yellow & Blue 'Arm of Service' Strip below that.

    Blue Cross on Red Shield was 21 Army Group (HQ & L of C Troops) Later British Troops in France.

    Blue Cross on Red Shield with Crossed Swords was HQ 21 Army Group - Later HQ BAOR

    With a single Yellow Sword - BAOR Troops.

    So I would say British Troops in France.
  8. Been said before,RASC deffo.Yellow print on navy blue background on shoulder flashes.
  9. I assume he has passed away, otherwise you would ask him Why don't you visit the local library and look at his obituary, there may be a mention of his unit in it. You could always get a copy of his service record and then check unit war diaries.
  10. He only died a couple of months ago and there was no mention of his service in the death notice - which was written by my family anyway, who don't know who he served with. He was born in 1926 and served after D Day and was in Holland and Germany until 1947. He had no children and next of kin is his sister, my Gran so may apply for the service papers, am currently in the process of getting her husbands (my Grandfather) service papers who also died this year.
  11. I'd say RASC.

    The Capbadge looks right and the shoulder titles on one look like RA**.
  12. Wow, didn't realise that the Royal Airborne Overseas Commandos were formed back then!

    So what was the difference between the RAOC and the RASC?