Help Identifying ww2 soldier.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jgs1000, Apr 3, 2005.

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Does anyone have any idea which unit the two soliders in the below picture are likely to been from? The insignia indicates "Tec-4" Sgt apparently. Were hospitalised in Bromsgrove UK in about 1945.


  2. Mate, if that was scanned at a higher resolution, would you be able to make out the insignia on the colars of the guy on the left? Are they visible on the original?

  3. Neither of them is wearing a formation patch on their left sleeve - that would have helped. Not aircrew either as not wearing wings. Think you've got your work cut out there mate.
  4. Guy on the right, have we ever used inverted chevrons like that? Looks more like USAF rank.

  5. Boney - I think it's pretty obvious he's a spam, mate :D
  6. Thanks - I'll try and do a higher res scan tonight - The insignia of the chap on the left isn't visible in the original photo either unfortunately. Is there any indication if they are Army or USAAF ?

    What's a Spam?

  7. Little late for reporting them to the CSA.
  8. Looking at this again, the bird has got massive tits!
  9. Spam - septic, i.e american forces
  10. cpouldn't work out either but did notice different colours of tie they are both wearing might help in at ;least knowing different service/corps etc
  11. No expert on US WW2 uniforms, but if a better scan suggests they were USAAF (US Army Air Force), this might be of interest:

    LINK (big pdf file) identifies four USAAF bases in Worcestershire. Page 87 of the pdf.
  12. Thanks again - didn't get chance to upload a higher res last night - should be able tonight though.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    You could try asking in the Multinational HQ.

  14. Here's a better quality pic:


    Sorry if I'm a bit dim - what's the Multinational HQ?

  15. Looks like the chevrons with a 'T' are for a Tech 4 Sgt

    No I didnt know that either.

    Multinational HQ forum on this site.