Help identifying this chap.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by vale, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. I've been busy clearing out some old stuff today and came across a long forgotten photo.

    It had been sent to my mam years ago by a step relative who thought it was my G Grandpa who served with the Leicesters and the ASC in WWI. I've done a lot of family research and in the course of this I've been doing some research into him anyway so I know that the chap in the photo isn't wearing either of those regiments' cap badges. Another possibility was my G Grandma's 1st husband who was KIA in 1916 but the chap in the photo is not wearing a Rifle Brigade cap badge either.

    I've trawled some websites but have been unable to find a cap badge that looks quite like it. At the very least, finding out his regiment may be a great help towards finding out who he is. At the moment, he seems to be the family's 'unknown soldier'.



    Any help very appreciated!
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  2. Also, you could try entering the family surnames on the CWGC website for WW1 casualties and see if any RNF come up?
  3. Closest I could find.

    Difficult to tell with the resolution. There seem to have been a lot of variations between the Grenadier regiments. Canadians had a similar one but without the outer band surrounding the grenade body. Which probably rules them out.

    Bugger. Beaten to it.....
  4. Thanks guys.

    A Northumberland connection seems unlikely given that the families concerned lived in Leicester and London at the time of the war and also having gone back into my family history for generations I've not found any previous connection with that county at all.

    I've done a CWGC search for both surnames and the only regiments that have popped up have been Scottish (no connection with this part of the family) or the Hampshire Regiment.
  5., you can just make out an 'N' on the shoulder title: I'd say that he was RNF.
  6. Having looked at my bed side oracle "Badges of the British Army" I can see how people thought it was the RNF, when I think it is the Royal Welsh Fusiliers

    How about this?

    DSCF1570 cropped.jpg

    Is that a deer above the lettering first letter possibly P?

    Also looking at cap badge again there looks to be indentations around the outside of the body if I'm making it out correctly which doesn't seem to appear on the Northumberland badge.

    Edited to add, or the Welsh.
  8. How on earth do you make a deer out of that! The lanyard is interesting is this man an Assault Pioneer? Still thinks he is Welsh and in that case its a sheep!
  9. Because a peculiar interest of mine is heraldry. Think along the lines of this -

    deer couchant.jpg

    If it's a sheep, it's had a bloody good short back and sides!
  10. terroratthepicnic

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    The shoulder flash looks more like the roman numeral IV.
  11. Got to admit the closest one to it is the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers (first image). The grenade flame on the Royal Fusiliers (2nd image), another possibility, is completely different, and the Royal Scots Fusiliers cap badge was only worn on a Glengarry.

    PS: Just because their is no family connection with the County, doesn't mean he couldn't have served with the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. If he was conscripted he would have had very little choice !

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  12. Have a swatch at the RWF, its very close in outline shape to the RNF. Totally agree its neither the Royal Fusiliers or the RSF which dwarfs this English abomination
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  13. RNF, no deer no sheep just a grenade:

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