Help identifying old Ska song


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Could be tootsie and the maytals, according to the wife who was well into the scene.

Still is to some extent.

Tell us if you find owt else out.
I have a funny feeling that is Desmond Decker. Cant for the life of me remember the name of the track tho. Desmond Decker is best known for his The Iseralites track. If I stumble across the name of the track I,ll post it.



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Was well into the scene (well the revival scene) myself as a nipper in Slough during the late 1970's-early '80's. I had a pretty extensive vinyl collection of the old Trojan label bands like Desmond Dekker and The Maytals. Alas upon returning to my family home to visit after many years oy young adult wandering, I discovered that my parents had thrown out my entire collection as they "thought it was just old junk"!!!! My rage could have levelled entire civilisations.

Anyway, that song sounded familiar (I initially thought it was Toots too), but can't make out enough of the lyrics to do a google search, which is my usual party trick. Cheers for the help anyhow.

p.s. Yes-Sir, you might want to show the Memsahib this to help her along memory lane:
Skinhead Moonstomp (by Symarip I think)
Worth checking out just for the lad doing the Funky Chicken at the start.

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