Help identifying, a Badge, and pouch..any help greatfully recieved!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ukgal, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. hi there
    i have this pouch, and for the life of me, didnt know what it was, or was used for!!!
    after days of searching, it seems there could be a possiblity that it has the Buckinghamshire Rifle Volunteers badge, on it!!
    could anyone confirm this for me??
    and also if anyone knows the name of it,its use, and maybe how old it could be!?>??
    kind regards

    ps, sorry i didnt know where i shoudl post this,..sorry if its in the wrong place!!

  2. probably an old ammo pouch
  3. You'd be better off posting in the military history and militaria forum, but to answer your question it's a cartridge pouch usually worn on a crossbelt and usually by cavalry. However the badge would suggest light infantry of some description -probably late Victorian and possibly foreign. British buglehorn badges generally look like the one in my avatar. Good luck. Someone on here is bound to know!
  4. It looks like a back pouch. Our (RGJ) officers wore them as do commissioned types in the Rifles, but I've never been privy as to what's kept in them...
  5. The absence of a rose in the centre of the horn indicates that it's not KOYLI. As far as I'm aware, KOYLI were the only British unit to use this type of horn as insignia, so foreign seems most likely.

    ...and then I saw sunami's post. :oops:
  6. KOYLI isnt the only one to use the french horn. most of the light division use the horn dating back to when light division was first set up. around the time of wellington i believe. RGJ came from the only ones that wore green as oposed to red tunicks. also you will note that the crown is a Queen's crown not King's looking at condition (quite good) i would say prob Queen Victoria but could be wrong. I'm not an historian.
  7. [​IMG]

    1st Bucks Oy4's Shako circa 1870
  8. The Light Infantry (and predecessors) tended to use the English horn (as Brewmeister's avatar). KOYLI is generally credited as being the only ones who used the French horn but, as sunami has shown, evidently there were other units.
  9. Thanks foy your information!!
    so ddo you think we could safely say(as per Sunami's Picture), that it is infact British, and from the Bucks Rifle Violunteers!?
    anyone know, roughly the age of it???
    thanks in advance!!
  10. The badge is identical to the one on the Shako so it's Victorian & be around 1870.
  11. This is similar, but it's from Victorian Volunteer Rifles (Victorian as in Victoria, Australia) Dated 1859, it's a pouch badge. Conveniently.

  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    According to David Niven when the one he was wearing was checked at Sandhurst - Packet of Woodbines, packet of matches, three French Letters and a pound note. Since the container in question was for the use of the CO - Mr Niven merely the bearer he was pleasantly surprised when the CO said "I'd heard about this Niven - very thoughtful of you..."