Help ID a pouch please..


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I've been asked by a friend to seek the wisdom of ARRSE for this one..

What's that for?

Its on Fleabay as an "SAS SBS Pouch T.L.M Bottle". I know that the references to 'them' are usually just put in to get a sale, but thought it was worth mentioning.
I have asked the seller but haven't heard back.

The NSN given is 8465-99-978-7668. Nothing comes up when googled.

Cheers all,

Looks like some type of carrier for the inner bladder of a camel-bak system. Or some kind of S&M device.
When I looked at it the first thing I thought was that it was one of those butyl nylon 349 holsters, but unless it's been pimped up then not with the elastic. Just a thought :)
my take is it's 1 of a pair of gaiters for use during bondage, in case her boots aren't 'high leg' enough, or the bedroom has been flooded due to global warming.


gorilla said:
Looks like a cover for the shock absorbers on a light gun.
Shock absorbers?!?!?! And you're a gunner?!?! They're buffers!! :D

Also, the pouch is too small for that.
Its for strapping a STASS bottle to your leg.

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